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  1. Innovation Outlook: Renewable Mini-grids

    This report informs policymakers and other stakeholders in the energy sector about the technology ... intended to help countries support their national objectives by expanding their renewable energy options. ... a transition towards a sustainable energy regime. Main sections of the report are titled, Types of ...

    October 2016

  2. U.S. Laws and Regulations for Renewable Energy Grid Interconnections

    Rapidly declining costs of wind and solar energy technologies, increasing concerns about the ... environmental and climate change impacts of fossil fuels, and sustained investment in renewable energy projects ... all point to a not-so-distant future in which renewable energy plays a pivotal role in the electric ...

    September 2016

  3. Research on The Capacity Credit of Wind Energy Resources

    quantitatively evaluate the capacity-replacement contribution of wind energy. The paper first proposes a new wind ... selected sample system. Research on The Capacity Credit of Wind Energy Resources Proceedings of the CSEE ... Wang Hai-chao Lu Zong-xiang Zhou Shuang-xi China Reserves and Reliability Renewable Energy Electricity ...

    October 2005

  4. Addressing Climate Vulnerability for Power System Resilience and Energy Security: A Focus on Hydropower Resources

    This paper is intended to inform energy planners and investors about (1) how climate change can ... system resilience and enhance energy security. Addressing Climate Vulnerability for Power System ... Resilience and Energy Security: A Focus on Hydropower Resources USAID Molly Hellmuth Pamela Cookson Joanne ...

    May 2017

  5. Boosting the Power Sector in Sub-Saharan Africa: China’s Involvement (Partner Country Series)

    Lack of energy access and frequent electricity shortages are major impediments to economic growth ... power sector development, extending energy access and facilitating economic growth. The report analyses ... assesses their impact on policies affecting energy access, economic development and financing modalities. ...

    June 2016

  6. Using Wind and Solar to Reliably Meet Electricity Demand

    This brief provides an overview of using wind and solar energy to ensure adequate generation ... capacity exists to meet demand. It describes calculating capacity value of variable renewable energy, the ... Reliably Meet Electricity Demand National Renewable Energy Laboratory Reserves and Reliability Renewable ...

    May 2015

  7. Ensuring a Secure, Reliable and Efficient Power System in a Changing Environment

    Efficiency Electricity Energy Storage Communications Power Energy Efficiency Grid Integration System ... Operation Reserves and Reliability Renewable Energy Electricity Wind Power Clean Fossil Energy Alternative ... Recovery/Allocation Enabling Laws and Rules Energy Standards Mandates/Targets Tax Incentives and Credits Credit ...

    June 2011

  8. Long-Term Probabilistic Evaluation of Operating Reserve Requirements With Renewable Sources

    the operating reserve requirements of generating systems with large amounts of renewable energy ... Renewable Energy Electricity Biomass Power Geothermal Power Wind Power Solar Power Hydropower Grid ... Keywords by: energy paper production program evaluations renewable energy renewable energy sources ...

    January 2010

  9. Reserve Requirement Impacts of Large-Scale Integration of Wind, Solar, and Ocean Wave Power Generation

    show that a diversified variable renewable energy mix can reduce the utility reserve requirement and ... Solar, and Ocean Wave Power Generation IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energy D. A. Halamay T. K. A. ... Renewable Energy Grid Integration Utility Publication 17 February 2011 Keywords by: economic variables ...

    February 2011

  10. The Capacity Value of Wind in the United States: Methods and Implementation

    This paper examines the different methodologies for determining the capacity value of wind energy ... . It illustrates several state and regional studies that examine the capacity value of wind energy, how ... different regions define and implement capacity reserve requirements across the country, and how wind energy ...

    March 2006