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  1. Ten Questions to Ask about Scaling On-Grid Renewable Energy: Designing Stable Policy Through Improved Stakeholder Engagement

    grid-connected renewable energy, and they present a report titled, Ten Questions to Ask About Scaling On-Grid ... Renewable Energy, which attempts to capture the critical features and complexities of resource and ... electricity planning. Ten Questions to Ask About Scaling On-Grid Renewable Energy: Designing Stable Policy ...

    World Resources Institute (WRI)

    May 2014

  2. Bringing Variable Renewable Energy (VRE) Up To Scale: Options for Grid Integration Using Natural Gas and Energy Storage

    This report analyses the nature of variable renewable energy and the resulting challenges ... associated with integrating variable renewable energy technologies into a power system. It highlights the ... importance of increased flexibility when integrating high levels of variable renewable energy. It focuses on ...

    February 2015

  3. Sustainable Energy for All Action Agenda (SE4All-AA) [Nigeria]

    Nigeria’s national energy agenda, which prioritizes providing access to safe, reliable and affordable energy ... energy sector. Part 1 provides the vision and targets until 2030, including Nigeria’s SE4ALL targets, ... energy access targets, and the renewable energy target. Part 2 covers priority action areas, including ...

    July 2016

  4. New European Research Area (ERA) for Electricity in Europe: Distributed Generation: Key Issues, Challenges, and Proposed Solutions

    based on the integration of renewable energies and distributed generation, describes the technical ... Key Issues, Challenges, and Proposed Solutions European Commission Clean Fossil Energy Power Plant ... Market Structures Grid Investment & Finance Renewable Energy Electricity Biomass Power Geothermal ...

    European Commission

    January 2003

  5. The Next Generation of Renewable Electricity Policy

    Policy National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) Victoria Healey Wilson Rickerson David Jacobs Toby D. ... Clean Fossil Energy Carbon Capture and Storage Natural Gas Fuel Switching Power Plant Efficiency Clean ... Finance Renewable Energy Electricity Grid Integration Commercial Community Industrial Infrastructure ...

    February 2015

  6. Clean Energy Mini-Grids—High Impact Opportunity: Annual Report 2015

    describes how a wide range of activities were undertaken to raise the profile of clean energy mini-grids, ... “clean energy mini-grids”. Clean Energy Mini-Grids—High Impact Opportunity: Annual Report 2015 ... Sustainable Energy for All Austria Carbon Capture and Storage Low Carbon Communities Microgrids Grid ...

    December 2015

  7. Energizing Finance: Scaling and Refining Finance in Countries with Large Energy Access Gaps

    energy access and what is known about the disbursement of development finance for energy access or the ... challenges facing energy access enterprises in delivering modern energy services to more people, more ... affordably. It is intended for government leaders, public and private finance players, and energy access ...

  8. Electricity Market Design and Renewable Energy Deployment (RES-E-MARKETS)

    high volumes of variable renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar resources. Policy ... high shares of such energy sources in a timely, cost-effective, and secure fashion. Electricity Market ... Design and Renewable Energy Deployment (RES-E-MARKETS) International Energy Agency- Renewabl e Energy ...

    September 2016

  9. Levers of Change: How Global Trends Impact Gender Equality and Social Inclusioin in Access To Sustainable Energy

    in the global energy access movement, both in delivering sustainable energy solutions and in gaining ... access to sustainable energy. These trends include growing decentralization and affordability of solar ... and other renewable energy services; growing use of mobile money/payments; increasing rates of women’s ...

  10. The Productivity of International Financial Institutions’ Energy Interventions

    energy use from fossil fuel sources. The approach integrates climate and development goals into an ... expanded concept of energy productivity to enable the institutions to more clearly assess the impacts of ... their actual and potential energy interventions. The authors use the approach to assess the operational ...

    March 2017