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This road map describes the status of carbon capture and storage (CCS) technologies around the world, the increasing level of activity in the industry, the major technology needs and gaps, and the key milestones for a wide development of improved cost-effective technologies for the separation, c

Source: Carbon Sequestration Leadership Forum
Date: January 2011

This report presents the approach and findings of the project EmployRES, which focuses on employment and growth impacts of sustainable energies in the European Union.

Source: Fraunhofer ISI, Ecofys, Energy Economics Group, Rütter + Partner Socioeconomic Research + Consulting, Lithuanian Energy Institute, Société Européenne d’Économie
Date: April 2009

This tool is an analytical job calculator for the U.S. power sector.

Source: University of California, Berkeley

This brochure describes the lessons learned from around 50 research projects under the European Commission's (EC) Target Action ‘Integration of renewable energies and distributed generation into European electricity networks,’ in the EC’s Fifth Framework Programme (FP5).

Source: European Commission
Date: January 2005

This brochure demonstrates the actions being undertaken by the European Commission to raise the public and political awareness of distributed generation and the associated research and technological development (RTD) activities financed by the European Union.

Source: European Commission
Date: January 2003

This database provides energy information for countries throughout the world, including Africa; the Baltic States, Central Europe, and Eastern Europe; Latin America and the Caribbean; the Middle East; Russia and FSU; South Asia; South East Asia; and the Pacific Region.

Source: Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership (REEEP)

This report provides an overview of the U.S. solar electricity market, including photovoltaic (PV) and concentrating solar power (CSP) technologies. The report identifies successes and trends within the market from both global and U.S.

Source: National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Date: November 2011

This report serves as a background report of the main report of the Assessment and Dissemination activity on Major Investment Opportunities for Renewable electricity in Europe using the REBUS tool (ADMIRE REBUS) project.

Source: European Union
Date: November 2003

This report looks at Croatian policy and development in all sectors. It offers a review of current policies, a summation of its proposed regulations upon acceptance into the European Union (EU) and the steps forward for developing an economy that will grow steadily.

Source: World Bank
Date: February 2012

This resource is designed to provide policymakers and interested individuals and groups with overviews of policy tools and approaches to improving fleet-wide automobile fuel efficiency and promote lower CO2 and non-CO2 emissions from cars, along with case studies that depict these approaches fro

Source: FIA Foundation, International Energy Agency, International Transport Forum, United Nations Environment Programme