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This study uses three case studies to estimate the effects of wind power development on local economies across the United States. Both the effects of the construction and the annual operation and maintenance were studied.

Source: United States National Wind Coordinating Committee, Northwest Economic Associates
Date: February 2003

This fact sheet provides international, national, and state data on the benefits of renewable energy and energy efficiency on the economy and the job market.

Source: United States Environmental and Energy Study Institute
Date: October 2008

This resource provides an overview of the Bioenergy Decision Support Tool, which was designed to assist decision makers in the process of developing a national bioenergy policy and strategy and/or assessing investment opportunities, by providing step-by-step guidance, supporting resources, and g

Source: United Nations
Date: January 2010

This online tool provides stepwise guidance to government policymakers as they develop sustainable bioenergy policies and strategies. The tool may also assist decision makers in assessing investment proposals.

Source: United Nations

This publication reviews the activities of several United Nations and other agencies in the area of energy and sustainable development in Africa.

Source: United Nations
Date: January 2008

This report provides an extensive analysis of factors that the Namibian government should consider in the development of a national renewable energy strategy.

Source: Consulting Services Africa, Namibia Directorate of Energy
Date: January 2007

This paper studies the welfare impacts of household grid connectivity using a cross-sectional survey conducted in 2005 of approximately 20,000 households in rural Bangladesh.

Source: The World Bank
Date: March 2009

The report provides policy information on the assessment of the environmental and social costs and benefits of biofuels. It examines concerns of critical developments and reviews the options for a more sustainable use of biomass and measures to increase resource productivity.

Source: United Nations
Date: January 2009

This review provides information on policy and energy regulation in energy markets throughout the world, including: Africa; the Baltic States, Central, and Eastern Europe; Latin America and the Caribbean; the Middle East; Russia; South Asia; South East Asia; and the Pacific Region.

Source: Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership
Date: January 2010

This book underscores how improved access to rural energy services can create benefits for rural life, from income and labor productivity to education and women’s health. Rural productivity suffers because of lack of access to modern energy.

Source: World Bank
Date: March 2012