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The Photovoltaic Market Transformation Initiative (PVMTI) of The World Bank promotes commercialization of photovoltaic (PV) technology in developing countries by providing examples of replicable business models that can be financed on a commercial basis.

Source: The World Bank
Date: April 2012

This case study highlights Argentina's Renewable Energy for Rural Markets Project (PERMER), which promoted rural electrification through provincial “off-grid concessions” regulated by independent provincial regulating agencies.

Source: The World Bank
Date: April 2012

This report presents the results of an analysis on the costs and implications of policies to reduce GHG emissions in Brazil, China, and India.

Source: United States Center for Clean Air Policy
Date: November 2006

The IES has organized a lecture series on EU energy policy that offers in-depth discussions of the issues facing the EU in the coming years. Starting with a general overview, the lectures become increasingly in-depth as the series progresses.

Source: Institute for European Studies
Date: July 2013

This report provides a status overview of renewable energy markets, industry, policy and investment trends in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, drawing on the most recent data available. It reports significant growth in the renewable energy markets of the MENA region.

Source: Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st Century
Date: June 2013

This annual report presents the views of energy experts from around the world on the feasibility and challenges of achieving a 100% renewable energy future.

Source: Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st Century (REN21)
Date: January 2013

This report provides brief overviews of industry trends and global investment in the renewable energy sector and then focuses on outlining tax and incentive policies from Argentina, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Mexico, The Netherlands, New Zealand, No

Source: KPMG International
Date: December 2012

This is the first global report providing a comprehensive English summary of Chinese studies on building energy policies in China.

Source: Global Buildings Performance Network
Date: July 2012

This report delivers a comprehensive look at major issues in biofuels and their feedstocks.

Source: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
Date: January 2013

This report estimates the market for improved energy services and products for low-income and very low-income consumers is $37 billion worldwide. It highlights the efforts of successful business that are providing lighting, basic electricity, and cooking services.

Source: International Finance Corporation
Date: May 2012