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This report describes how cities in the United States are increasingly taking action to improve the sustainability of their jurisdictions and how clean energy and energy efficiency must be central components of these efforts.

Source: National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Date: July 2015

This fact sheet outlines how electricity supply options (renewable vs. traditional), specifically utility-scale renewable energy systems, can be appropriately compared.

Source: World Resources Institute
Date: February 2015

This publication provides an overview of the activities and recent accomplishments of technology collaboration programmes (TCPs). The 39 TCPs in operation involve about 6,000 experts from government, industry and research organizations in 51 countries.

Source: International Energy Agency: Energy Technology Network
Date: January 2016

This online data base collects information on international climate mitigation initiatives in operation that (1) have potential to contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, (2) are international in scope or have the potential for significant impact at global scale, and (3) are dialogues,

Source: Climate Initiatives Platform
Date: January 2016

This report informs policymakers and other stakeholders in the energy sector about the technology developments in renewable mini-grids. It also discusses how these technology developments could enable faster commercialization and large-scale deployment of renewable mini-grids.

Source: International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)
Date: October 2016

This database provides comprehensive information on state, local, utility, and federal incentives and policies that promote renewable energy and energy efficiency in the United States.

Source: United States Department of Energy

This report evaluates four procurement strategies—competitive solicitations, bilateral contracting, feed-in tariffs, and auctions—against four main criteria: pricing, complexity and efficiency of the procurement process, impacts on developers' access to markets, and ability to complement utility

Source: National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Date: December 2011

This collection of best practices is the result of extensive outreach, data gathering, and analysis conducted to identify leading state and local-level best practices in energy efficiency and renewable energy in the United States.

Source: Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership
Date: April 2010

This report provides an overview of wind industry trends in the United States. Topics addressed include installation trends; price, cost, and performance statistics; policy and market drivers; and a future outlook of wind development.

Source: Ernest Orlando Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Date: June 2011

This report examines costs associated with photovoltaic installation with the specific aim of reducing the “soft” costs of installation for residential and small commercial applications.

Source: National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Date: August 2013