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This presentation covers Cisco's modified environmental sustainability goals. Rather than considering only carbon reduction, the goals now include total energy consumption normalized against revenue.

Source: Accenture, Cisco Systems, Business Green, Fraport AG
Date: June 2014

This publication provides an overview of trends, impacts on energy demand, technical solutions and policy options.

Source: International Energy Agency (IEA)
Date: June 2014

This report includes an assessment of the impact of current European Union energy and climate policies.

Source: Regulatory Assistance Project, European Climate Foundation, Ecofys, Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research ISI
Date: April 2010

This report reviews and evaluates the European and South American experience in using “white certificates” as an energy policy tool to stimulate energy efficiency measures, and it highlights the relevance of such obligations to developing countries.

Source: World Energy Council, French Environment and Energy Management Agency
Date: March 2010

This report presents a high‐level comparison of current public energy efficiency programs for existing homes in Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and the United States.

Source: Regulatory Assistance Project
Date: February 2010

This report provides an analysis of the impacts of various policies relating to appliances and equipment (from 2009-2030) within the United Kingdom, including minimum standards, product labeling, supplier obligations, taxes, incentives, and carbon pricing.

Source: United Kingdom Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
Date: December 2009

This resource is a search engine for world-wide standards and labelling techniques in multiple areas. The primary focus is to keep industrial standards accurate and precise from country to country.

Source: American Society for Testing and Materials International
Date: March 2011

This tool is an analytical job calculator for the U.S. power sector.

Source: University of California, Berkeley

This report provides a high-level overview of the deployment of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies in G-20 countries and provides a summary of the policies in place to accelerate the uptake of these technologies.

Source: International Energy Agency
Date: January 2011

This report provides an assessment of the the energy efficiency institutional arrangements and enabling legislation of most countries in central Asia (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan), south Asia (Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lan

Source: United Nations
Date: January 2010