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This report summarizes the experience of public financing agencies and relevant lessons learned regarding the use of publicly backed guarantees (PBGs) to build clean energy markets.

Source: United Nations
Date: January 2010

This report details the need for energy efficiency interventions, models for energy efficiency investments suitable for the institutional environment, identifying and developing investment projects, and effectively delivering financing.

Source: World Bank
Date: January 2008

This case study examines a small power producers program in Thailand that is part of the country’s 15-year Alternative Power Development Plan.

Source: The World Bank
Date: January 2011

This report presents a collection of case studies on successful off-grid projects implemented throughout India, including gasifier, biogas, biofuel, cook stove, solar photovoltaic, solar thermal, and watermill projects.

Source: Government of India, United Nations, Winrock International
Date: October 2011

This report examines the gap between access to modern energy and small-scale finance, and it focuses on the role of governments in bridging the gap.

Source: United Nations, German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development
Date: August 2009

The Indian Ministry of Small Scale Industries Credit Linked Capital Subsidy Scheme represents a funding strategy to drive technology improvement in small industry.

Source: Indian Ministry of Small Scale Industries
Date: April 2006

This report provides policymakers and public finance agencies with a guide that traces the investment stages of sustainable energy technology innovation.

Source: United Nations, Basel Agency for Sustainable Energy
Date: January 2005

The second of the Capacity for Development for the Clean Development Mechanism (CD4CDM) perspectives series, this collection of 13 papers aims to address the question of how to reform the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) in a post-2012 climate regime.

Source: United Nations
Date: January 2008

This report showcases a methodology to evaluate the performance of different public finance mechanisms and their suitability for replication in other applications, policy contexts, and geographies across the clean energy continuum.

Source: United Nations, SEF Alliance
Date: November 2011

This book shows that improvement of product efficiency can be in harmony with financial gains, and it aims to provide basic information on energy saving options for those involved with the economic empowerment of micro entrepreneurs.

Source: Practical Action
Date: January 1999