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This report provides an overview of electricity tariffs and describes the Tariff Analysis Project (TAP). TAP is a data warehouse of residential, commercial and industrial tariffs combined with web-based analytical tools that allow users to enter, edit and compare tariffs.

Source: United States Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Date: May 2006

The Policies and Measures databases is a collection of three databases that provide information on policies and measures taken or planned to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve energy efficiency and support renewable energy development and deployment.

Source: International Energy Agency

This report provides a comparative analysis of 12 national energy, environmental and economic recovery proposals submitted to the Obama administration and the 111th Congress, focusing especially on energy efficiency (EE) and renewable energy (RE) market and policy issues.

Source: United States National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Date: March 2009

The Climate Action Handbook offers examples of actions that local governments can take to reduce global warming emissions and implement commitments to climate protection.

Source: ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability
Date: November 2008

This online tool is intended to help industrial users assess the efficiency of pumping system operations.

Source: United States Department of Energy
Date: February 2008

This paper proposes a methodology for systematizing and representing benefits of microgrids. The proposed methodology is used to determine the economic feasibility of a microgrid and distributed generation installed on a typical Canadian rural distribution system model.

Source: United States Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, McGill University, Hydro Quebec, University of California, Berkeley
Date: September 2011

The second of the Capacity for Development for the Clean Development Mechanism (CD4CDM) perspectives series, this collection of 13 papers aims to address the question of how to reform the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) in a post-2012 climate regime.

Source: United Nations
Date: January 2008

This report showcases a methodology to evaluate the performance of different public finance mechanisms and their suitability for replication in other applications, policy contexts, and geographies across the clean energy continuum.

Source: United Nations, SEF Alliance
Date: November 2011

This toolkit consists of a guidebook, A Practical Guide to Cool Roofs and Cool Pavements, as well as links to additional related information.

Source: Global Cool Cities Alliance
Date: January 2012

This information paper complements the International Energy Agency's 2011 report, "Deploying Renewables 2011: Best and Future Policy Practice" (, and is intended to provide more detailed inf

Source: International Energy Agency
Date: November 2011