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In this interview, Lord Mogg explains three regulatory bodies and what they do: ACER (Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators), ICER (International Confederation of Energy Regulators) and CEER (Council of European Energy Regulators).

Source: Florence School of Regulation
Date: March 2014

This article in the ICER Chronicle highlights results for EPRI’s Smart Grid Demonstration Initiative, which is a seven-year collaborative research effort to design, deploy and evaluate how to integrate distributed energy resources into utility grid and market operations.

Source: International Confederation of Energy Regulators
Date: December 2013

This paper develops a methodology to compare programs that nine major regions around the world have implemented or proposed in the way of fuel economy and greenhouse gas emissions standards. This comparison was undertaken in order to understand each policy's relative stringency.

Source: Pew Center on Global Climate Change
Date: December 2004

This document, on liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and local air quality, is one of a series of summaries for policymakers about LPG in Europe.

Source: European LPG Association

This paper reviews the potential of alternative fuels and powertrains to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from all motorized transport in the short and long term.

Source: European Commission
Date: December 2009

This report attempts to capture the critical features and complexities of resource and electricity planning.

Source: Prayas, Energy Group, World Resources Institute
Date: May 2014

Published annually since 2005, this report provides a comprehensive and timely overview of the renewable energy market, industry, investment and policy developments worldwide.

Source: REN21
Date: June 2018

This paper presents an analysis of areas rich in energy-related natural resource endowments that are close to European Union (EU) borders and their systemic relationship to the EU.

Source: Queen Mary University of London
Date: May 2014

This report analyzes the status of waste heat recovery (WHR) technology deployment in developing countries and investigates the success factors in countries where WHR has become widely spread.

Source: International Finance Corporation (IFC), Institute for Industrial Productivity (IIP)
Date: June 2014

This issue of the EED Advisory Energy Access Review newsletter discusses the primary limitations to grid-based electrification in East Africa, summarizes energy access news from East Africa, presents key statistics in the recent UNECA Energy Access and Security in Africa Report and compares the c

Source: EED Advisory
Date: June 2014