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This presentation reviews the importance of energy efficiency and renewable energy in the context of electricity shortfalls.

Source: International Energy Agency
Date: July 2011

This summary outlines the Paradigm Project's commitment to placing at least 100,000 clean cookstoves in Guatemalan households over the next 10 years. Stoves are marketed and sold through local staff and community groups.

Source: Clinton Global Initiative
Date: November 2011

This website offers tools and resources in support of reducing smoke exposure from cooking and heating practices in households around the world.

Source: Partnership for Clean Indoor Air

This pilot project disseminated improved cooking stoves in Peru. Components of the project included establishing community-level organizational infrastructure, raising awareness, promoting appropriate technology, establishing entrepreneurs and microfinance, and verifying impacts.

Source: Winrock International, United States Agency for International Development
Date: December 2008

Based on practical knowledge and international experience accumulated via past and ongoing World Bank operations, this resource aims to provide World Bank staff and others interested in off-grid electrification with useful guidelines for designing sustainable off-grid projects.

Source: World Bank, The Energy and Mining Sector Board
Date: November 2008

This issue brief considers six projects that are using resources from one or all of these sources: The Global Environment Facility (GEF), carbon finance, and the Clean Technology Fund (CTF) (who constitute the bulk of dedicated funding for low-carbon development), in combination with development

Source: World Bank
Date: June 2010

This report presents lessons for implementing local renewables policies in cities large and small, local government activities to drive renewable energy, as well as how national governments can create enabling frameworks for cities. Local governments are ideal drivers of change.

Source: Renewable Energy Policy Network for 21st Century
Date: May 2011

This report reviews existing energy policies with respect to energy access in various regions of Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

Source: Global Network on Energy for Sustainable Development
Date: January 2007

This report maps the extent to which corporations in Brazil, China, India and South Africa are investing in renewable energy and energy efficiency. The authors suggests government policy and regulation are important drivers for investment.

Source: Carbon Disclosure Project, Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership
Date: January 2011

This guide examines the United Nation's Clean Development Mechanism as a strategy to advance energy security in Chile. The government has set targets to increase the proportion of renewable energy in electricity generation, focusing on wind and biomass.

Source: Comisión Nacional de Energía, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbei
Date: October 2007