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This book focuses on a decentralized approach and provides practical guidance on how small power producers and mini-grid operators can deliver electrification and renewable energy in rural areas in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Source: The World Bank
Date: January 2015

​This brief argues that Africa, and African cities in particular, need infrastructure that advances both basic needs and industrialization, and avoids a lock-in of unsustainable, high-carbon technologies.

Source: G20 Insights
Date: April 2017

​This briefing note discusses the key elements of the gender-energy topic and provides specific examples of how to integrate gender considerations in energy policy dialogue and the project cycle.

Source: Energy Sector Management Assistance Program
Date: August 2013

Tanzania is one of the pilot countries selected to benefit from the Scaling-Up Renewable Energy Programme in Low Income Countries, which aims to demonstrate the economic, social and environmental viability of a low-carbon development pathway by creating new economic opportunities and increasing

Source: United Republic of Tanzania, Ministry of Energy and Minerals
Date: May 2013

Based on two research projects, the authors of this article examine the mechanisms and strategies for promoting building energy conservation in rural China from the perspective of economic governance. The challenges and potentials of building energy conservation in rural China are analyzed.

Source: Routledge Taylor & Francis Group
Date: March 2016

This publication presents an overview of the Asian Development Bank's experience in building a climate investment fund (CIF) private sector portfolio, highlighting how funding has been able to encourage greater private sector investment in climate-relevant sectors by using innovative financial i

Source: Asian Development Bank
Date: June 2016

This report examines the socioeconomic and environmental impacts of power sector reforms with respect to their sustainability. It focuses on legal and institutional factors, and on how they interact with private market forces.

Source: United Nations
Date: September 2007

This review provides information on policy and energy regulation in energy markets throughout the world, including: Africa; the Baltic States, Central, and Eastern Europe; Latin America and the Caribbean; the Middle East; Russia; South Asia; South East Asia; and the Pacific Region.

Source: Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership
Date: January 2010

This report delivers a comprehensive look at major issues in biofuels and their feedstocks.

Source: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
Date: January 2013

This webinar shared speaker's reflections on various priorities, approaches and ongoing efforts on electrification in Ghana, and showcased how practitioners can engage in off-grid business opportunities.

Source: Clean Energy Solutions Center, United Nations Foundation’s Energy Access Practitioner Network
Date: July 2014