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The World Bank and the International Finance Corporation provide the Global Solar Atlas—in addition to a series of global, regional and country GIS data layers and poster maps—to support the scale-up of solar power in their client countries.

Source: The World Bank Group
Date: January 2017

This policy brief analyses the key drivers behind the adoption of solar pumping technology and brings to the forefront the cross-sector aspects that the authors argue should be considered in program design and implementation.

Source: International Renewable Energy Agency
Date: June 2016

Speakers in this webinar highlight their organizations' experience at the nexus of energy efficiency and access.

Source: Clean Energy Solutions Center, United Nations Foundation’s Energy Access Practitioner Network
Date: February 2016

The International Geothermal Association (IGA), founded in 1988, is a scientific, educational and cultural organization. As of 2016, the IGA has more than 5,000 members in over 65 countries.

Source: International Geothermal Association

TRANSrisk conducted 15 case studies that explore the transition to low-carbon economies, including 14 country-level case studies and one at the global and regional level.

Source: Transitions Pathways and Risk Analysis for Climate Change Mitigation and Adaption Strategies (TRANSrisk)
Date: November 2016

The Poor People's Energy Outlook series, which launched in 2010, is intended to “shine a light on energy access from the perspectives of the poor.” The series challenges the energy sector's focus on energy resources, supply and large scale infrastructure projects, emphasizing instead energy serv

Source: Practical Action
Date: January 2010

Ashden champions and promotes practical, local energy solutions that cut carbon, protect the environment, reduce poverty, and improve people's lives. Ashden holds an annual awards ceremony to honor sustainable energy pioneers.

Source: Ashden

The Solar for All Initiative brings together the world's leading organizations working to solve the problems of energy access for developing countries, with a particular focus on solar photovoltaic solutions.

Source: The Canopus Foundation, Ashoka

This study seeks to make the case for addressing the divide between poverty reduction and climate change and to highlight the need for systematic linkages between poverty reduction and future global efforts related to mitigation and adaptation.

Source: United Nations
Date: December 2009

This paper aims to provide policymakers with evidence-based guidance from private sector financiers involved in renewable energy investments in developing countries.

Source: Chatham House
Date: April 2010