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This report discusses the benefits of rural electrification and examines the argument that they may be insufficient to justify the investment costs.

Source: World Bank
Date: January 2008

This report focuses on the role that modern energy services play in enhancing the agriculture value chain, from production to commercialization, as well as transport of goods.

Source: German Association for International Cooperation, German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development
Date: January 2011

This interactive map provides profiles of social enterprises that are working to improve energy access among underserved populations and developing nations around the world.

Source: Santa Clara University, Ayllu

This report reviews existing energy policies with respect to energy access in various regions of Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

Source: Global Network on Energy for Sustainable Development
Date: January 2007

This article reviews the status, challenges, and prospects of ongoing and planned power sector reform in eastern and southern Africa, with special emphasis on the implications for the poor. Reforms have improved generation capacity as well as financial performance in certain utilities.

Source: Energy Policy, African Energy Policy Research Network
Date: January 2002

This website includes books, selected articles and chapters, reports, working papers, and technical papers focusing on energy access issues.

This catalogue contains documents produced by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and its partners in the area of energy for poverty reduction and sustainable development.

Source: United Nations

This guide examines the United Nation's Clean Development Mechanism as a strategy to advance energy security in Chile. The government has set targets to increase the proportion of renewable energy in electricity generation, focusing on wind and biomass.

Source: Comisión Nacional de Energía, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbei
Date: October 2007

This case study details a project to install solar water heaters in low-income housing units in Betim, Brazil. Lessons learned include the importance of monitoring and documentation. The case study also discusses the impacts of the project on the community.

Source: International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives
Date: July 2010

This document summarizes Mali's plan to invest in renewable energy—primarily solar, hydropower and biomass—to provide electrification to rural areas.

Source: African Development Bank
Date: September 2011