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This article describes new ways to solve urban traffic congestion problems. It emphasizes strategies that help achieve multiple planning objectives and therefore maximize overall benefits.

Source: Victoria Transport Policy Institute
Date: December 2013

This four-page policy brief accompanies the 2013 Poor People's Energy Outlook.

Source: Practical Action
Date: December 2014

This report reviews the off-grid lighting market in Africa. According to the report, market growth for clean, off-grid lighting has beaten expectations over the past two years, and growth is expected to continue, with the market size in 2015 doubling what was predicted in 2010.

Source: Lighting Africa
Date: June 2013

This report estimates the market for improved energy services and products for low-income and very low-income consumers is $37 billion worldwide. It highlights the efforts of successful business that are providing lighting, basic electricity, and cooking services.

Source: International Finance Corporation
Date: May 2012

This report assesses the potential for development of distributed generation of energy in Australia and reviews the associated economic, environmental, and socio-economic impacts of its deployment.

Source: Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation
Date: January 2009

This joint website of the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives and the Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st Century provides information and guidance for local governments on renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Source: International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives, Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st Century

This report presents the Government of India's 2006 proposed integrated energy policy and sustainable development plan that covers all sources of energy and addresses all aspects of energy use and supply including energy security, access and availability, and affordability and pricing, as well a

Source: Government of India
Date: August 2006

This report, which is based on research and quantitative analysis of global linkages “shows how meeting the world's growing demand for food and other agricultural products can be achieved while minimizing environmental impact”.

Source: World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD)
Date: May 2014

This report identifies the opportunity for the sustainable development of Ireland’s abundant offshore renewable energy resources to increase indigenous production of renewable electricity.

Source: Ireland Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources
Date: February 2014

This issue of the EED Advisory Energy Access Review newsletter discusses the primary limitations to grid-based electrification in East Africa, summarizes energy access news from East Africa, presents key statistics in the recent UNECA Energy Access and Security in Africa Report and compares the c

Source: EED Advisory
Date: June 2014