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  1. Water-Energy Food Security and Mining in Suriname: A Project Overview

    This report describes how water, energy and food security constitutes critical components of human ... wellbeing and includes aspects of supply, demand and access to good quality and affordable energy, water and ... water-energy-food security both positively and negatively. IISD adapted a water-energy-food security framework for ...

    September 2015

  2. Strategies to Finance Large-Scale Deployment of Renewable Energy Projects: An Economic Development and Infrastructure Approach

    This report provides insight into the current practice and trends in financing renewable energy ... and presents the key challenges that emerge when following a large-scale renewable energy deployment ... main strategies: clean energy as a new economic development system, finance, innovation and public ...

    International Energy Agency

    December 2011

  3. Country Report: Libya

    This report presents the status of energy efficiency and renewable energy deployment in Libya. It ... includes a comparison of Libyan practice with international practices in energy efficiency and renewable ... energy and provides case studies of notable energy efficiency and renewable energy developments in the ...

    Regional Center for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

    April 2010

  4. Integrating Variable Renewable Energy into the Grid: Key Issues and Emerging Solutions

    countries integrated renewable energy into the power system. The webinar reviewed the challenges to ... integrating significant quantities of variable renewable energy to the grid and the emerging solutions that ... policymakers, regulators and grid operators have taken to integrate wind and solar and meet renewable energy ...

    July 2015

  5. United Nations Energy and Poverty Alleviation (Website)

    on how energy can be used to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger, which is one of eight UN ... Millennium Development Goals for 2015. Case studies focus on successful energy access projects implemented in ... developing countries. United Nations Energy and Poverty Alleviation United Nations Energy Access Clean ...

    United Nations

  6. Capturing the Multiple Benefits of Energy Efficiency

    This book describes how the traditional focus on energy savings as the main goal of energy ... efficiency policy has led to an underestimation of the full value of energy efficiency in both national and ... global economies. The authors aim to build knowledge of the benefits of energy efficiency while ...

    January 2014

  7. Martinique Action Plan for Renewable Energy Development on Islands

    This report lays out a set of practical steps for deploying renewable energy resources and ... biomass resources to help meet island energy needs, as well as on measures for boosting generation from ... Energy Development on Islands International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) United Arab Emirates Clean ...

    June 2015

  8. Energy Efficiency Trends and Policies in the G20

    This report describes energy efficiency trends in G20 countries based a set of homogeneous energy ... efficiency indicators. The indicators are designed to monitor changes in energy efficiency and to allow ... cross-country comparisons of various energy efficiency situations. The report aims to identify best practices ...

    July 2015

  9. Building Energy Performance Metrics

    improvement in building energy performance. The authors’ goal is to support energy efficiency in major ... economies. The focus of the report is on building energy use and metrics over the period of 2000 to 2012 for ... international fora. Building Energy Performance Metrics International Energy Agency (IEA) France Energy ...

    April 2015

  10. Scaling up Renewable Energy in Developing Countries: Finance and Investment Perspectives

    financiers involved in renewable energy investments in developing countries. The goal of the paper is to ... provide a basis for understanding the issues associated with renewable energy investments in developing ... nations and the conditions necessary to scale-up implementation of available renewable energy ...

    Chatham House

    April 2010