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  1. Demand Response: Managing Electric Power Peak Load Shortages with Market Mechanisms

    Energy Electricity Smart Grid Power Non-profit/Government Utility Publication Pricing Schemes 1 March ... Public Funds Management Economy Large Emerging Economies Incentive/Instrument Finance for Energy Access ... Renewable Energy ...

    Regulatory Assistance Project

    March 2015

  2. The Response by Flexibility on Electricity Project

    Grid Federation Clean Energy Solutions Center France Grid Integration Power System Flexibility Smart ... Recovery/Allocation Emissions Mitigation Scheme Emissions Standards Enabling Laws and Rules Energy Standards Feebates ... Costs Tradable Certificates Tax Incentives and Credits Rural Energy Funds Public/System Benefit Fund ...

    International Smart Grid Action Network (ISGAN)

    October 2013

  3. An Economic Welfare Analysis of Demand Response in the PJM Electricity Market

    Pennsylvania State University Department of Energy and Mineral Engineering Customized Energy Solutions Rahul ...

    October 2008

  4. Smart and Just Grids: Opportunities for Sub-Saharan Africa

    elements of traditional power systems, the role of energy planning, and effects on regulation and market ... Clean Fossil Energy Smart Grid Power Grid Integration Infrastructure Non-profit/Government Utility ... Grants and Rebates 8 February 2015 Keywords by: energy grids smart grids Smart Grid Power Grid ...

    February 2015

  5. CEER Status Review on European Regulatory Approaches Enabling Smart Grids Solutions ("Smart Regulation")

    European Energy Regulators (CEER) Belgium Smart Grid Grid Integration Infrastructure Non-profit/Government ... Mitigation Scheme Emissions Standards Enabling Laws and Rules Energy Standards Feebates Feed-in Tariffs Fuel ...

    Council of European Energy Regulators (CEER)

    February 2014

  6. Unlocking Markets and Supporting Innovation in Smart Grids

    approaching this challenge. In the training, representatives of the Ontario (Canada) Ministry of Energy and ... Unlocking Markets and Supporting Innovation in Smart Grids Clean Energy Solutions Center International Smart ...

    Clean Energy Solutions Center

    November 2012

  7. Evolution of the Smart Grid in China

    possibility of achieving both energy security and environmental goals. Evolution of the Smart Grid in China ...

    McKinsey & Company

    July 2010

  8. Electricity Transmission Policy for America: Enabling a Smart Grid, End-to-End

    transmission energy grids high voltage transmission industry international development power industry smart ...

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    July 2009

  9. The Smart Grid Vision for India’s Power Sector

    & Financing 1 March 2012 Keywords by: drivers of deforestation energy grids implementation ...

    United States Agency for International Development

    March 2012

  10. Accelerating Smart Grid Investments

    Investment & Financing Capital Subsidies, Grants and Rebates 1 November 2009 Keywords by: energy grids ...

    World Economic Forum

    November 2009