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  1. Growing a Green Bonds Market in China

    Contracting and Energy Service Companies Investment Bond Investor Corporate Investors Government Private ...

    Climate Bonds Initiative

    March 2015

  2. Climate Finance in Ethiopia

    Developed Incentive/Instrument Direct Public Investment Investment Climate Finance Renewable Energy ...

    June 2014

  3. Public-Private Partnerships for Transportation: Tools, Techniques and Trade-Offs: A Workshop for State Officials

    Incentive/Instrument Finance for Energy Access Investor Government Private Sector Lenders Jurisdiction National Market ...

    National Governors Association

    September 2011

  4. Accelerating Smart Grid Investments

    Investment & Financing Capital Subsidies, Grants and Rebates 1 November 2009 Keywords by: energy grids ...

    World Economic Forum

    November 2009

  5. Seven Best Practices in Transportation Demand Management

    Efficiency Standards Tax Incentives and Credits Capital Subsidies, Grants and Rebates Keywords by: energy ...

    Seattle Urban Mobility Plan

  6. One Million Electric Vehicles By 2015: February 2011 Status Report

    February 2011 Status Report United States Department of Energy United States Clean Transport Alternative ...

    United States Department of Energy

    February 2011

  7. Fossil-Fuel Subsidies and Climate Change: Options for Policy-Makers within their Intended Nationally Determined Contributions

    production fossil energy subsidies for fossil fuels greenhouse gas emissions emissions Finance ...

    February 2015

  8. Global Fuel Economy Initiative: Cleaner, More Efficient Vehicles (Website)

    and Credits 1 May 2013 Keywords by: sustainable livelihoods approaches fuel efficiency energy ...

    United Nations Environment Programme

    May 2013