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  1. Policy Briefing: The History of Mini-Grid Development in Developing Countries

    Village Energy Partnership Energy Access Rural Electrification Crosscutting Microgrids Community ... sustainable livelihoods approaches implementation Energy Access Rural Electrification Microgrids Finance ...

    Global Village Energy Partnership

    September 2011

  2. Clean Air Management Profile: Indonesia

    Management Profile: Indonesia Clean Air Initiative for Asian Cities Philippines Clean Fossil Energy Power ... Publication Emissions Standards 1 March 2012 Keywords by: air pollution pollution Clean Transport Energy ...

    Clean Air Initiative for Asian Cities

    March 2012

  3. Non-individual Transport: Paving the Way for Renewable Power-to-Gas (RE-P2G)

    Renewable Power-to-Gas (RE-P2G) IEA Renwable Energy Technology Deployment Jacques de Bucy Netherlands Carbon ... Vehicles Natural Gas Methanol Hydrogen Ethanol Electricity Emerging/Other Fuels Renewable Energy Clean ... Fossil Energy Fuel Efficiency Commercial Industrial Infrastructure Non-profit/Government Residential ...

    July 2016

  4. Falling Short: An Evaluation of the Indian Renewable Certificate Market

    a Renewable Energy Certificate market. The authors review the market and its failures after one year of ... Energy Electricity Infrastructure Non-profit/Government Utility Policy Data Publication Tools and ... program evaluations renewable energies trade Finance Barrier Access to Capital High Upfront Costs Need for ...

    Climate Policy Initiative

    December 2012

  5. Global EV Outlook: Understanding the Electric Vehicle Landscape to 2020

    the deployment of electric vehicles (EVs) in Clean Energy Ministerial countries. Existing policies are ... Vehicle Landscape to 2020 Clean Energy Ministerial Electric Vehicles Initiative International Energy ... Capital Subsidies, Grants and Rebates 1 April 2013 Keywords by: electric vehicles energy clean energies ...

    Clean Energy Ministerial

    April 2013

  6. Electricity Auctions: An Overview of Efficient Practices

    presents the major issues and characteristics of each. It includes a section dedicated to renewable energy ... Energy Electricity Utility Non-profit/Government Infrastructure Publication Deployment Data Policy Data ... generation Renewable Energy ...

    The World Bank

    July 2011

  7. Survey of Smart Grids Concepts Worldwide

    and International Energy Agency (IEA) initiatives. The report provides a set of common drivers and ... Finland. Survey of Smart Grids Concepts Worldwide Cluster for Energy and the Environment Murtaza Hashmi ... deforestation energy grids projects roads smart grids Smart Grid Applications Communications Power Grid ...

    Cluster for Energy and the Environment

    January 2011

  8. The State of Sustainability Initiatives Review 2014: Standards and the Green Economy

    Energy Biofuels Biodiesel Commercial Industrial Infrastructure Non-profit/Government Small & Medium ... Transport Alternative Fuels and Vehicles Biodiesel Ethanol Renewable Energy Biofuels ...

    January 2014

  9. Global Climate Change Mitigation Potential from a Transition to Electric Vehicles

    Efficiency Alternative Fuels and Vehicles Hydrogen Electricity Biofuels Renewable Energy Industrial ... Electricity Hydrogen Fuel Efficiency Renewable Energy Biofuels Finance Incentive/Instrument Tax Incentives ...

    December 2015

  10. Plug & Play: Facilitating Grid Connection of Low Emissions Technologies

    Publication Audit Programs 1 February 2017 Keywords by: emissions grid connection grids Energy ...

    February 2017