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  1. Access to Energy for the Poor: An Asia-Pacific Regional Initiative

    This concept paper addresses the creation of a regional initiative to address challenges of energy ... energy lending, sharing best practices, and promoting innovative financing. The paper also outlines ... a framework for activities and impact criteria. Access to Energy for the Poor: An Asia-Pacific Regional ...

    Asian Development Bank

    September 2008

  2. Surface Meteorology and Solar Energy

    The Surface Meteorology and Solar Energy website, sponsored by NASA, displays the solar radiation, ... based on a latitude and longitude. Surface Meteorology and Solar Energy National Aeronautics and Space ... Administration Paul W. Stackhouse Charles H. Whitlock Renewable Energy Electricity Solar Power Deployment Data ...

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration

    March 2006

  3. Food, Water, and Energy Security in South Asia: a Nexus Perspective from the Hindu Kush Himalayan Region

    Using secondary data from diverse sources, this paper explores the food, water, and energy nexus ... sustaining food, water, and energy security downstream. The analysis reveals that the issues and challenges ... in the food, water, and energy sectors are interwoven in many complex ways and cannot be managed ...

    May 2014

  4. Water-Energy-Food Nexus in Large Asian River Basins

    The water-energy-food nexus (“nexus”) is promoted as an approach to look at the linkages between ... water, energy and food. The articles of Water’s Special Issue “Water-Energy-Food Nexus in Large Asian ... Asia. The articles provide practical examples of the various roles and importance of water-energy ...

    October 2016

  5. USAID Climate Action Review: 2010-2016

    States Renewable Energy Energy Efficiency Energy Access Community Non-profit/Government Publication Rural ... Energy — Near Urban Rural Energy — Remote Training & Education 5 December 2016 Keywords by: global ... climate lessons learned Energy Access Rural Energy- Near Urban Rural Energy- Remote Energy Efficiency ...

    December 2016

  6. PVWatts

    PVWatts is a web-based tool that calculates electrical energy production and cost savings of ... grid-connected photovoltaic energy systems. The PVWatts calculator is available in two versions. Version 1 allows ... Renewable Energy Laboratory Renewable Energy Electricity Solar Power Publication Tools and Websites Keywords ...

    United States National Renewable Energy Laboratory

  7. Geospatial Toolkit

    decision-making and policy analysis in addition to planning for future renewable energy projects. It utilizes GIS ... technology to evaluate potential locations for solar and wind energy development. This tool relates renewable ... resource data with other relevant information, such as energy and transportation infrastructure, population ...

    United Nations

    October 2005

  8. Model for Evaluating the Regional and Global Effects of GHG Reduction Policies

    Policies Electric Power Research Institute Thomas Rutherford Renewable Energy Electricity Biomass Power ... cost global climate greenhouse gas emissions Renewable Energy Biomass Power Geothermal Power Solar ...

    Electric Power Research Institute

  9. UNEP LIVE—Our Changing Environment: Place by Place

    countries in the region. UNEP Live United Nations Environment Programme Renewable Energy Energy Efficiency ... Non-profit/Government Tools and Websites Project Development Keywords by: efficiency indicators energy efficiency ... Programme Energy Efficiency Renewable Energy ...

  10. Cross-border Power Trading in South Asia: A Techno Economic Rationale

    Energy Electricity Hydropower Energy Efficiency Publication 1 August 2015 Keywords by: carbon carbon ... dioxide electricity generation electricity transmission emissions energy fossil energy hydropower ... international development trade transmission lines Energy Efficiency Utilities Renewable Energy Hydropower Grid ...

    August 2015