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  1. Slowing the Growth of Coal Power Outside China: The Role of Chinese Finance

    Investment & Financing 1 November 2015 Keywords by: energy specific financing mechanisms international ...

    November 2015

  2. The Role of Natural Gas and Biomethane in the Fuel Mix of the Future in Germany

    Energy Agency Germany Clean Transport Alternative Fuels and Vehicles Natural Gas Commercial Industrial ...

    German Energy Agency

    June 2010

  3. Climate Finance in Ethiopia

    Developed Incentive/Instrument Direct Public Investment Investment Climate Finance Renewable Energy ...

    June 2014

  4. Public-Private Partnerships for Transportation: Tools, Techniques and Trade-Offs: A Workshop for State Officials

    Incentive/Instrument Finance for Energy Access Investor Government Private Sector Lenders Jurisdiction National Market ...

    National Governors Association

    September 2011

  5. Alternative Transportation Fuels and Vehicle Technologies: Challenges and Opportunities

    Opportunities Center for Strategic and International Studies United States National Renewable Energy Laboratory ...

    Center for Strategic and International Studies

    August 2009

  6. Global Fuel Economy Initiative: Cleaner, More Efficient Vehicles (Website)

    and Credits 1 May 2013 Keywords by: sustainable livelihoods approaches fuel efficiency energy ...

    United Nations Environment Programme

    May 2013