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  1. Accelerating Building Efficiency: Eight Actions for Urban Leaders

    China Mexico United Kingdom United States Electricity Low Carbon Communities Energy Efficiency Lighting ... Required Labeling Audit Requirements Building Certification Building Codes Energy Standards Tax Incentives ... Grants and Rebates 11 May 2016 Keywords by: building types cities efficient building types energy ...

    May 2016

  2. Global Solar Atlas

    Energy Electricity Solar Power Heating & Cooling Solar Thermal Commercial Community Industrial ... Renewable Energy Heating and Cooling Solar Thermal Solar Power ...

    January 2017

  3. Examining the Alignment between the Intended Nationally Determined Contributions and Sustainable Development Goals

    Ranping Song United States Energy Efficiency Energy Access Renewable Energy Commercial Community ... Energy Access Energy Efficiency Renewable Energy ...

    September 2016

  4. Policy Implications for Improved Cook Stove Programs: A Case Study of the Importance of Village Fuel Use Variations

    savings are calculated for hypothetical cookstove deployment using data from a rural energy survey in the ... of Village Fuel Use Variations Energy Policy Niklas Vahlne Erik O. Ahlgren Sweden Energy Access Clean ... Scheme 1 March 2014 Keywords by: assessment of the status quo emissions energy Energy Access Clean ...

    Energy Policy

    March 2014

  5. Technology Roadmap: Carbon Capture and Storage in Industrial Applications

    International Energy Agency United Nations Industrial Development Organization France Clean Fossil Energy Carbon ...

    International Energy Agency

    September 2011