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  1. Tracking Clean Energy Progress: Where Do We Stand and How Do We Get Back on Track?

    During this webinar, Tracking Clean Energy Progress lead author, Antonia Gawel discusses this ... report's key findings, and Energy Technology Perspectives 2012 (ETP 2012) project leader, Markus Wråke, ... Tracking Clean Energy Progress: Where do we stand and how do we get back on track? Clean Energy Solutions ...

    Clean Energy Solutions Center

    May 2012

  2. REN21 Renewables 2015 Global Status Report: Energy Efficiency and Demand-side Management

    Report and examines energy efficiency and demand-side management within European and North American ... renewable energy sectors. REN21 Renewables 2015 Global Status Report: Energy Efficiency and Demand-side ... Management Clean Energy Solutions Center Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st Century (REN21) Clean ...

    June 2015

  3. Training Local Workforces to Promote Energy Management in Industry and Buildings

    This webinar featured training programs highlighted in the recently released Energy Management ... Working Group report, Knowledge and Skills Needed to Implement Energy Management Systems in Industry and ... facilitate greater energy management proficiency for personnel in the industry and commercial buildings ...

    Clean Energy Solutions Center

    January 2014

  4. Tracking Clean Energy Progress 2015

    This report describes how the overall clean energy deployment picture is evolving, and it examines ... energy system. Divided into 19 technology or sector sections and using graphical overviews to summarise ... energy sector over the ten years to 2025 are progressing. Tracking Clean Energy Progress 2015 ...

    May 2015

  5. Ashden Award for Sustainable Energy (Website)

    Ashden champions and promotes practical, local energy solutions that cut carbon, protect the ... sustainable energy pioneers. It supports award winners on a continuous basis, providing assistance with ... Award for Sustainable Energy (Website) Ashden United Kingdom Energy Access Clean Cookstoves Rural ...


  6. Driving Transformation to Energy Efficient Buildings: Policies and Actions

    Transformation to Energy Efficient Buildings, which outlines policy options available for developing countries to ... accelerate energy efficiency. The report is the result of a collaborative partnership with the Business ... Council for Sustainable Energy, the Center for Clean Air Policy, the U.S. Green Building Council, and the ...

    Clean Energy Solutions Center

    November 2012

  7. Insights Into Industrial Energy Efficiency Policy Packages

    affect industrial energy efficiency or greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The publications aims to identify ... best practices and key messages that can inform the development of energy efficiency and GHG policies ... in the industrial sector. See The Boardroom Perspective: How Does Energy Efficiency Policy Influence ...

    Institute for Industrial Productivity

    January 2012

  8. IEA's Energy Efficient Building Envelope Technology Roadmap

    This training webinar was based on IEA’s Technology Roadmap: Energy Efficient Building Envelopes, ... technologies with higher performance and lower cost. IEA's Energy Efficient Building Envelope Technology ... Roadmap International Energy Agency (IEA) Clean Energy Solutions Center United States Energy Efficiency ...

    International Energy Agency (IEA)

    December 2013

  9. Renewables Global Status Report

    renewable energy market, industry, investment and policy developments worldwide. It relies on up-to-date ... renewable energy data provided by an international network of hundreds of contributors, researchers and ... Renewables Global Status Report (GSR) is a sister publication to the Global Trends in Renewable Energy ...


    June 2018

  10. Multi-Criteria Analysis Policy Tool

    This policy analysis tool, which aids policymakers' decisions regarding future energy ... policies, complements the Institute for Applied Systems Analysis’ Global Energy Assessment. The tool is ... intended to help policymakers assess the impacts on multiple dimensions of energy sustainability. ...

    Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA)

    June 2011