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  1. Energy Efficiency: Lessons Learned from Success Stories

    This study is designed to analyze the energy efficiency policies in seven countries that were ... successful in achieving low energy intensities or in reducing their energy intensity considerably. The study ... analyzes the evolution of the energy intensity of these countries from 1990 to 2007, identifying points of ...

    The World Bank

    January 2013

  2. Advancing Energy Efficiency on the Global Agenda Activity Report 2009-19

    The IPCC Low Energy Demand scenario requires significant efficiency gains in the use of energy ... and project a vision forward. Advancing Energy Efficiency on the Global Agenda Activity Report 2009-19 ... International Partnership for Energy Efficiency Cooperation France Commercial Industrial Infrastructure ...

    January 2019

  3. Progress Implementing the IEA 25 Energy Efficiency Policy Recommendations

    The authors of this report review advances in energy efficiency legislation and how it has played ... out in the market through the year 2011. The report follows 25 energy efficiency policy ... recommendations made in prior years by the International Energy Agency. Country reviews include Australia, ...

    International Energy Agency

    April 2012

  4. International Finance Corporation Energy Service Company Market Analysis

    Energy performance contracting (EPC) is one approach to energy efficiency market growth. This ... global and national energy service companies (ESCO). The authors present an overview of how EPCs function ... Energy Service Company Market Analysis International Finance Corporation (IFC) United States Energy ...

    International Finance Corporation (IFC)

    June 2011

  5. Energy Efficiency Indicator Survey: 2012 Global Results

    This presentation shows the results of the Institute for Building Efficiency's 2012 energy ... responsible for energy use in buildings—examining trends in priorities and practices. The institute reaches ... global policy; and that there are plans for increased investment globally. Energy Efficiency Indicator ...

    Institute for Building Efficiency

    July 2012

  6. Fiscal Instruments in INDCs: How Countries are Looking to Fiscal Policies to Support INDC Implementation

    Wagner Eike Meyer Canada Energy Efficiency Lighting Buildings Renewable Energy Electricity Wind Power ... implementation international development emissions Energy Efficiency Buildings Lighting Renewable Energy Biofuels ...

    December 2015

  7. MURE II

    The MURE database provides information on energy efficiency policies and measures that have been ... as requested by the Kyoto Protocol. MURE II MEER Clean Transport Crosscutting Energy Efficiency ... Mitigation Scheme Emissions Standards Enabling Laws and Rules Energy Standards Feebates Feed-in Tariffs Fuel ...


    August 2013

  8. The Co-Benefits of Sustainable City Projects

    initiatives are presented for five sectors (the buildings sector, public and private transportation, energy ... Reduction Energy Efficiency Industry Lighting Buildings Commercial Community Industrial Infrastructure ... 1 October 2015 Keywords by: bridges building types cities energy energy efficiency green cities ...

    October 2015

  9. Efficient Lighting Toolkit

    The Energy Efficient Lighting Toolkit is designed to be the omnibus guide for countries to shift ... to energy efficient lighting. Policy best practices are discussed along with highlighting financial, ... energy, and environmental benefits. The guide is designed so that those in a position to build policy can ...


    December 2012

  10. Green Growth Opportunities for Asia

    energy storage technologies. Further opportunities include nuclear and smart grids. However, within Asia, ... Equipment Labeling Energy Standards Mandates/Targets 1 January 2017 Keywords by: comparative advantage ... energy storage green growth grids innovation lighting smart grids solar photovoltaic storage technologies ...

    January 2017