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  1. Sources of Operational Flexibility

    variability and uncertainty in electricity demand and resource availability. And, variable renewable energy ... Flexibility Greening the Grid United States Power System Flexibility System Operation Renewable Energy ... variables electricity generation energy renewable energies uncertainty climatological variables Renewable ...

    May 2015

  2. Grid Flexibility and Storage Required to Achieve Very High Penetration of Variable Renewable Electricity

    role of deploying flexible generation on multiple time scales and the importance of energy storage in ... Very High Penetration of Variable Renewable Electricity Energy Policy Paul Denholm Maureen Hand United ... States Energy Storage Smart Grid Power Grid Integration Power System Flexibility Renewable Energy ...

    January 2011

  3. Powering the Nile Basin

    The substantial energy resources of the Nile countries are not fully tapped, and several Nile ... role in facilitating these projects, reducing power poverty and increasing national energy security. ... Powering the Nile Basin The World Bank Group Uganda Electricity Energy Access Utilities Grid Integration ...

    May 2015

  4. Comparison of Capacity Credit Calculation Methods for Conventional Power Plants and Wind Power

    Systems M. Amelin United States Power System Flexibility Reserves and Reliability Renewable Energy ... 1 January 2009 Keywords by: energy impacts on systems and sectors paper production wind wind power wind ... energy Renewable Energy Wind Power Grid Integration Power System Flexibility Reserves and Reliability ...

    January 2009

  5. Effective Mechanisms to Increase the Use of Demand-Side Resources

    States Crosscutting Energy Efficiency Power System Flexibility Renewable Energy Grid Integration ... Costs 1 January 2013 Keywords by: decision-making Energy Efficiency Renewable Energy Grid Integration ...

    Regulatory Assistance Project

    January 2013

  6. Electricity Storage and Renewables: Costs and Markets to 2030

    energy system, from providing frequency response, reserve capacity, black-start capability and other grid ... Costs and Markets to 2030 International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) Pablo Ralon Michael Taylor ... storage electricity storage technologies energy frequency response grids International Renewable Energy ...

  7. Competitive Electricity Market Regulation in the United States: A Primer

    relatively short histories—demand response (DR) and variable energy resources—and their integration in ... A Primer National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) Francisco Flores-Espino Tian Tian Ilya Chernyakhovskiy ... Megan Mercer Mackay Miller United States Grid Integration Energy Storage Renewable Energy Electricity ...

    December 2016

  8. Deployment of Demand Response as a Real-Time Resource in Organized Markets

    energy markets, and it recommends technologies and policies that will encourage such use. Deployment of ... 1 July 2008 Keywords by: energy response Grid Integration Grid Planning and Market Structures Power ...

    The Electricity Journal

    July 2008

  9. Detailed Performance Analyses Results of Grid-Connected Clustered Photovoltaic (PV) Systems in Japan

    photovoltaic (PV) systems. The voltage of power distribution lines is raised by both PV systems output energy ... Nishikawa Japan Energy Efficiency Utilities Grid Integration Power System Flexibility Smart Grid Power ... Metering and Interconnection 1 June 2005 Keywords by: climate relevant regulations energy paper production ...

    Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology

    June 2005

  10. Demand Response: Managing Electric Power Peak Load Shortages with Market Mechanisms

    Energy Electricity Smart Grid Power Non-profit/Government Utility Publication Pricing Schemes 1 March ... Public Funds Management Economy Large Emerging Economies Incentive/Instrument Finance for Energy Access ... Renewable Energy ...

    Regulatory Assistance Project

    March 2015