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  1. Application Note: Energy Management

    This application notes introduces the energy management, describes why it matters and considers ... the challenges it involves. It describes how the goal of energy management is to reduce energy waste, ... increase energy efficiency or remaining energy consumers and increase the share of renewable energy ...

    September 2015

  2. Renewables Readiness Assessment: Mauritania

    renewables in Mauritania, including developing a national policy on renewable energy; updating the ... framework. Renewables Readiness Assessment: Mauritania International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) Mustapha ... Taoumi Gauri Singh Gürbüz Gönül United Arab Emirates Crosscutting Microgrids Energy Access Clean ...

    September 2015

  3. REmap: Roadmap for A Renewable Energy Future, 2016 Edition

    This second edition of IRENA’s global roadmap provides an in-depth perspective on the energy ... transition in 40 economies that represent 80% of global energy use. The publication offers specific ... technology options and outlines solutions to accelerate renewable energy growth. According to the report, ...

    January 2016

  4. REN21 Renewables 2015 Global Status Report: Energy Efficiency

    Report and then examines energy efficiency within the European and North American renewable energy ... sectors. Webinar participants also hear about new developments to improve energy efficiency in the ... Energy Efficiency Clean Energy Solutions Center Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st Century ...

    July 2015

  5. Finance for Energy Access: Pre-Read for Public-Private Roundtable

    distributed energy access that are central to achieving universal energy access targets. It discusses the ... distributed energy access supply chain with a focus on the financing needs and challenges for the small and ... medium enterprises in the sector. Finance for Energy Access: Pre-Read for Public-Private Roundtable Clean ...

    May 2015

  6. Best Practices of the Alliance for Rural Electrification: What Renewable Energies Can Achieve in Developing and Emerging Markets

    This report describes renewable energy best practices from projects around the world. Case studies ... sector and donors—that have recognized both the need for and the potential of renewable energy business ... Electrification: What Renewable Energies Can Achieve in Developing and Emerging Markets Alliance for Rural ...

    January 2013

  7. Introduction to RETScreen Clean Energy Management Software

    enables clean energy projects worldwide and allows decision makers and professionals to determine whether ... a proposed renewable energy, energy efficiency or cogeneration project makes financial sense, as well as ... Introduction to RETScreen Clean Energy Management Software Clean Energy Solutions Center CanmetENERGY ...

    January 2016

  8. Power, People, Planet: Seizing Africa's Energy and Climate Opportunities

    that underpins those goals. With energy being the link that connects the global poverty agenda and ... climate change, this report explores the links between energy, poverty and climate change, while also ... Africa's Energy and Climate Opportunities Africa Progress Panel (APP) Switzerland Energy Storage Energy ...

    January 2015

  9. Battery Storage for Renewables: Market Status and Technology Outlook

    batteries are deployed to increase the share of variable renewable energy and improve electricity supply ... reliability: (1) island systems and off-grid/rural electrification with renewable energy deployment, (2) ... households with solar photovoltaic, (3) variable renewable energy smoothing and energy supply shift and (4) ...

    January 2015

  10. Energy Efficiency Market Report 2015

    This report examines the worldwide market for energy efficiency and provides energy efficiency ... market snapshots that review important drivers and developments in selected international energy agency ... (iea) countries. It also provides profiles for case studies covering energy efficiency market ...

    January 2015