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  1. Building Governance and Climate Change: Roles for Regulation and Related Policies

    Edwin Chan United Kingdom Low Carbon Communities Buildings Renewable Energy Crosscutting Energy ... change climate governance climate relevant regulations global climate rules and regulations Energy ... Efficiency Buildings Renewable Energy Energy Access Low Carbon Communities ...

    May 2016

  2. Biofuels and Food Security: A Report by The High Level Panel of Experts on Food Security and Nutrition

    Organization of the United Nations Italy Biofuels Ethanol Biodiesel Renewable Energy Commercial Industrial ... impacts on systems and sectors drivers of deforestation Renewable Energy Biofuels Biodiesel Ethanol ...

    June 2013

  3. Integration of Renewables: Status and Challenges in China

    renewables into China's current energy supply are included, as well as assessments of China's ... Renewables: Status and Challenges in China International Energy Agency France Grid Integration Studies Grid ... Planning and Market Structures Renewable Energy Electricity Wind Power Grid Integration Infrastructure ...

    International Energy Agency

    January 2011

  4. Green Growth Best Practice Synthesis of Key Findings

    Netherlands United Kingdom United States Energy Efficiency Renewable Energy Commercial Industrial ... Recovery/Allocation Emissions Mitigation Scheme Emissions Standards Enabling Laws and Rules Energy Standards Feebates ... Financing Public/System Benefit Fund Rural Energy Funds Tax Incentives and Credits Tradable Certificates ...

    Global Green Growth Institute

    March 2014

  5. Why Carbon Capture and Storage?

    component of a diversified energy portfolio as it reduces CO2 output from present stationary sources while ... Forum United States Carbon Capture and Storage Clean Fossil Energy Industrial Infrastructure Utility ... carbon capture and storage energy ...

    The Carbon Sequestration Leadership Forum

    September 2011

  6. Examining the Alignment between the Intended Nationally Determined Contributions and Sustainable Development Goals

    Ranping Song United States Energy Efficiency Energy Access Renewable Energy Commercial Community ... Energy Access Energy Efficiency Renewable Energy ...

    September 2016

  7. Emissions and Experiences with Ethanol (E85) Converted Cars in the BioEthanol for Sustainable Transport (BEST) Project

    Energy Non-profit/Government Infrastructure Commercial Publication Demonstration Projects Emissions ... and Vehicles Ethanol Renewable Energy Biofuels Ethanol Finance Incentive/Instrument Capital Subsidies, ...

    BioEthanol for Sustainable Transport

    March 2010

  8. Experiences from Ethanol Buses and Fuel Station Report: Nanyang

    Liu Clean Transport Alternative Fuels and Vehicles Ethanol Renewable Energy Biofuels Ethanol ... response drivers of deforestation Clean Transport Alternative Fuels and Vehicles Ethanol Renewable Energy ...

    BioEthanol for Sustainable Transport

    March 2010

  9. How Can Environmental Regulations Promote Clean Coal Technology Adoption in Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Developing Economies

    Fossil Energy Power Plant Efficiency Infrastructure Utility Non-profit/Government Policy Data Publication ... Finance Incentive/Instrument Tradable Certificates Energy Efficiency Utilities Power Plant Efficiency ...

    Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Working Group

    May 2006

  10. Market Impacts of Biofuel Policy Implementation

    This report analyses the market impacts of implementing biofuels as an alternative energy source ... across a full range of energy markets, including transportation using an econometric, dynamic, ... Keywords by: impacts on systems and sectors energy biofuel policies implementation biofuels renewable ...

    Institute of Market Analysis and Agricultural Trade Policy and Institute of Rural Studies of the von Thünen-Institute

    July 2007