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  1. Regional Energy Efficiency Policy Recommendations: Arab-Southern and Eastern Mediterranean (SEMED) Region

    This report presents the outcomes of a two-day roundtable in which energy efficiency experts from ... Palestinian Authority, Sudan and Tunisia—participated and shared views on specific regional energy savings ... opportunities, market barriers and energy efficiency policy needs. Regional Energy Efficiency Policy ...

    International Energy Agency‌ (IEA)

    January 2014

  2. Building Energy Performance Metrics

    improvement in building energy performance. The authors’ goal is to support energy efficiency in major ... economies. The focus of the report is on building energy use and metrics over the period of 2000 to 2012 for ... international fora. Building Energy Performance Metrics International Energy Agency (IEA) France Energy ...

    April 2015

  3. Bringing Energy Efficiency to COP21: Lessons from G20 Achievements

    This webinar addresses the energy efficiency achievements that have resulted from international ... Energy Efficiency Action Plan, along with plans for 2016. Bringing Energy Efficiency to COP21: Lessons ... from G20 Achievements Clean Energy Solutions Center Partnership for Energy Efficiency Cooperation ...

    November 2015

  4. Energy Auditor

    providing high quality, commercial building energy audits while preserving the data for reuse. Users can ... a library of building component data. Energy Auditor Simuwatt United States Energy Efficiency Lighting ... Buildings Appliances & Equipment Heating & Cooling Renewable Energy Commercial Tools and Websites ...

  5. Enhancing Financial Flows for Energy Efficiency Investments

    This webinar presents the work of the G20 Energy Efficiency Finance Task Group, which aims to ... enhance global financial flows towards energy efficiency. Panelists highlight the progress achieved to ... date and the key next steps. An overview of the Clean Energy Finance Solutions Center and the resources ...

    February 2016

  6. Energy Efficiency Policy Recommendations for Latin America and the Caribbean

    This report presents 20 detailed recommendations on energy efficiency policies for Latin America ... (1) implement mandatory minimum energy performance standards for buildings and appliances to measure ... to (2) improve transport system planning and efficiency and (3) promote energy management systems for ...

    January 2015

  7. Asia Energy Efficiency and Conservation Collaboration Center (website)

    The Asia Energy Efficiency and Conservation Collaboration Center (AEEC) is a unit established in ... the Energy Conservation Center, Japan (ECCJ) in April 2007. It aims to promote energy efficiency and ... energy efficiency and conservation-related issues Asia Energy Efficiency and Conservation Collaboration ...

    The Energy Conservation Center, Japan

    August 2013

  8. Raising Energy Efficiency Standards to the Global Best

    This paper examines energy efficiency's role in boosting economic growth and reducing ... greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. It examines the role of standards in delivering energy efficiency benefits, ... convergence of energy efficiency standards—building on the existing G20 plan for voluntary collaboration on ...

    November 2015

  9. Energy Efficiency: Lessons Learned from Success Stories

    This study is designed to analyze the energy efficiency policies in seven countries that were ... successful in achieving low energy intensities or in reducing their energy intensity considerably. The study ... analyzes the evolution of the energy intensity of these countries from 1990 to 2007, identifying points of ...

    The World Bank

    January 2013

  10. Driving Transformation to Energy Efficient Buildings: Building Efficiency Policy Assessment Tool

    efficiency policies to spur growth in energy efficient buildings. With the United Nations Sustainable Energy ... contribution to the Sustainable Energy for All goals. Driving Transformation to Energy Efficient Buildings: ... Building Efficiency Policy Assessment Tool Institute for Building Efficiency United States Energy Access ...

    Institute for Building Efficiency

    June 2012