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  1. Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Solutions for Energy Efficiency

    put in place to enable energy efficiency in three areas: smart logistics, smart grid/smart metering ... and smart buildings. Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Solutions for Energy Efficiency ... climate relevant communication energy energy efficiency grids Smart Grid Communications Power Grid ...

    World Bank

  2. International Energy Agency Smart Grid-Smart Customer Policy Needs Workshop Report

    This report describes the content of the 2010 International Energy Agency "Customer Policy ... Needs" workshop, part of its Smart Grid Roadmap effort. This workshop brought together energy providers, ... consideration for the risks and rewards to all stakeholders. International Energy Agency Smart Grid-Smart ...

    International Energy Agency

    September 2010

  3. The Smart Grid: An Estimation of the Energy and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Benefits

    This report articulates nine mechanisms by which the smart grid can reduce energy use and carbon ... estimates of potential reductions in electricity sector energy and associated carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions ... the Energy and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Benefits United States Department of Energy United States Pacific ...

    United States Department of Energy

    January 2010

  4. Institute for Building Efficiency (Website)

    efficient, high-performance buildings and smart energy systems around the world. The website also offers ... presentations and publications on the following topics: energy efficiency indicators, existing building ... retrofits, green buildings, Smart Grids and smart buildings, renewable and distributed energy, financing ...

    Johnson Controls

  5. Direct Delivery of Power Subsidy to Agriculture in India

    Agriculture in India Sustainable Energy for All (SE4All) Mohinder Gulati Sanjay Pahuja Austria Smart Grid ... Communications Power Applications Energy Access Water Pumping Energy Efficiency Industry Appliances & ... Equipment Grid Integration Renewable Energy Electricity Solar Power Commercial Industrial Infrastructure ...

    January 2015

  6. System Advisor Model (SAM)

    decision making for people involved in the renewable energy industry. Although many of the financial ... of the U.S. SAM makes performance predictions and cost of energy estimates for grid-connected power ... Advisor Model (SAM) United States National Renewable Energy Laboratory United States Grid Integration ...

    United States National Renewable Energy Laboratory

    May 2012

  7. Building Electricity Supplies in Africa for Growth and Universal Access

    Although Africa has enormous energy resources, more than half of the continent’s population does ... objectives, taking into account recent reductions in the costs of renewable energy. Building Electricity ... Planet: Seizing Africa’s Energy and Climate Opportunities Andrew Scott United Kingdom United States ...

    January 2015

  8. Ensuring a Secure, Reliable and Efficient Power System in a Changing Environment

    Efficiency Electricity Energy Storage Communications Power Energy Efficiency Grid Integration System ... Operation Reserves and Reliability Renewable Energy Electricity Wind Power Clean Fossil Energy Alternative ... Recovery/Allocation Enabling Laws and Rules Energy Standards Mandates/Targets Tax Incentives and Credits Credit ...

    June 2011

  9. Solar Pumping for Irrigation: Improving Livelihoods and Sustainability

    International Renewable Energy Agency United Arab Emirates Crosscutting Grid Integration Renewable Energy Solar ... Rural Energy — Remote Agriculture Efficiency Requirements Emissions Standards Energy Standards Rural ... Energy Funds Capital Subsidies, Grants and Rebates 1 June 2016 Keywords by: drivers of deforestation ...

    June 2016

  10. Meltemi Community Smart Grid Pilot Site

    intelligent load management and increasing use of renewable energy systems. Meltemi Community Smart Grid Pilot ... Site Clean Energy Solutions Center International Smart Grid Action Network (ISGAN) Nikos Hatziargyriou ... Aris L. Dimeas Energy Efficiency Appliances & Equipment Grid Integration Smart Grid Communications ...

    June 2015