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  1. Technology Development Prospects for the Indian Power Sector

    This information paper presents in more detail the analysis for India published in Energy ... challenge of alleviating energy poverty. It does so from a techno-economic perspective- building on detailed ... International Energy Agency Uwe Remme Nathalie Trudeau Dagmar Graczyk Peter Taylor France Carbon Capture and ...

    International Energy Agency

    April 2012

  2. International Energy Agency's Policies and Measures Database

    policies and measures taken or planned to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve energy efficiency and ... support renewable energy development and deployment. The databases further support the Internation Energy ... participating governments,”. International Energy Agency's Policies and Measures Database International ...

    International Energy Agency

  3. Renewable Electricity: Insights for the Coming Decade

    energy generation options, and it illuminates other factors that may influence their deployment through ... 2025. Renewable Electricity: Insights for the Coming Decade Joint Institute for Strategic Energy ... Fossil Energy Carbon Capture and Storage Power Plant Efficiency Clean Transport Natural Gas Electricity ...

    February 2015

  4. Water, Energy, and Food Security in the Asia Pacific Region

    Security measures of three resources; water, energy and food are analyzed for thirty two countries ... for energy; and cereals, vegetable, fruit, meat, and fish for food. This report observes high ... insight for Asia-Pacific region. Water, Energy, and Food Security in the Asia Pacific Region Journal of ...

    June 2017

  5. Technology Mapping of the Renewable Energy, Buildings, and Transport Sectors: Policy Drivers and International Trade Aspects

    This paper synthesizes findings from technology mapping studies of the renewable energy supply, ... of technology deployment, policies and measures that help overcome barriers to renewable energy ... generation, improved energy efficiency and certain aspects of international trade. Technology Mapping of the ...

    International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development

    May 2010

  6. One Goal, Two Paths: Achieving Universal Access to Modern Energy in East Asia and the Pacific

    This report analyzes energy poverty in East Asia and the Pacific region and addresses barriers and ... opportunities to improving energy access in the region. The report also provides recommendations for improving ... energy access in developing countries through the deployment of renewable energy and energy efficient ...

    Australian Government Overseas Aid Program

  7. SE4All Advisory Board's Finance Committee Report on Scaling Up Finance for Sustainable Energy Investments

    This report describes how energy has become the central theme in discussions on alleviating ... modern energy for all. The authors identify four broad investment themes that have potential to scale up ... finance for sustainable energy, both in OECD and emerging markets: (1) green bonds market development, (2) ...

    July 2015

  8. Water Energy Nexus

    This document provides an overview of the water-energy nexus. Topics include water for energy ... , energy for water, and stress points and solutions to the water-energy nexus. Water Energy Nexus ... International Energy Agency (IEA) Publication Keywords by: agencies International Energy Agency water resources ...

  9. Promoting Low Energy Building Programmes in China (Website)

    This website describes a project to reduce energy consumption in buildings through the adoption of ... new standards based on international best practices for energy efficiency technologies and renewable ... energy use by the Chinese government. Promoting Low Energy Building Programmes in China Renewable Energy ...

    Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership

  10. Renewables Readiness Assessment: Vanuatu

    This report describes how Vanuatu's primary energy supply is dominated by biomass used mainly ... for rural cooking and imported petroleum products used for urban energy and transport. However, the ... government has set targets to increase the share of sustainable renewables in the energy mix, particularly to ...

    January 2015