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  1. Introduction to Smart Grids (Smart Grids Series Factbook)

    This training material, published by the SBC Energy Institute (SBC-EI), summarizes the innovations ... successful adoption. Introduction to Smart Grids SBC Energy Institute (SBC-EI) France Smart Grid ... 2015 Keywords by: energy environmental benefits grids innovation rail transport smart grids trains ...

    July 2015

  2. Water Sustainable Development Goals Toolbox

    forum. Water Sustainable Development Goals Toolbox United Nations Energy Access Water Pumping Commercial ... Energy Access Water Pumping ...

    January 2015

  3. Building Efficiency Initiative

    labeling approaches, (3) innovative financing to support efficiency investments and (4) distributed energy ... Rural Energy Funds Public/System Benefit Fund Credit Enhancements Performance Based Incentives (PBI) ... energy efficiency partnerships Finance Incentive/Instrument Credit Enhancement and Insurance Performance ...

    January 2016

  4. Africa’s Climate Opportunity: Adapting and Thriving

    Mizrahi Alex Rugamba African Nations Natural Gas Fuel Switching Clean Transport Clean Fossil Energy ... Standards, Required Labeling Building Certification Emissions Standards Energy Standards Integrated Resource ...

    November 2015

  5. Opportunities to Enhance the Nation's Resilience to Climate Change

    Climate Change Council on Climate Preparedness and Resilience United States Renewable Energy Commercial ... climate change impacts global climate impacts on systems and sectors infrastructure Renewable Energy ...

  6. EV City Casebook: 50 Big Ideals Shaping the Future of Electric Mobility

    Future of Electric Mobility Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM) Clean Transport Alternative Fuels and Vehicles ... Electricity Public Transit Vehicle Distance Traveled Reduction Energy Efficiency Commercial Community ... Vehicle Distance Traveled Reduction Public Transit Energy Efficiency Finance Incentive/Instrument Capital ...

    October 2014

  7. Climate Initiatives Platform

    Renewable Energy Commercial Community Industrial Infrastructure Non-profit/Government Residential Small ... implementation international development Renewable Energy ...

    January 2016