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  1. SE4All Advisory Board's Finance Committee Report on Scaling Up Finance for Sustainable Energy Investments

    This report describes how energy has become the central theme in discussions on alleviating ... modern energy for all. The authors identify four broad investment themes that have potential to scale up ... finance for sustainable energy, both in OECD and emerging markets: (1) green bonds market development, (2) ...

    July 2015

  2. Renewables Readiness Assessment: Vanuatu

    This report describes how Vanuatu's primary energy supply is dominated by biomass used mainly ... for rural cooking and imported petroleum products used for urban energy and transport. However, the ... government has set targets to increase the share of sustainable renewables in the energy mix, particularly to ...

    January 2015

  3. Re-Transition: Transitioning to Policy Frameworks for Cost-Competitive Renewables

    of renewable energy policy. The authors attempt to outline potential pathways to adapt to the rise of ... rapidly scalable and increasingly cost-competitive renewable energy technologies like solar photovoltaics ... continued scale-up of renewable energy projects: projects will need to remain bankable; the power system as ...

    March 2016

  4. Greenhouse Gas Mitigation in China, Brazil, and Mexico: Recent Efforts and Implications

    Houdashelt Diana Movius Ned Helme United States Carbon Capture and Storage Clean Fossil Energy Power Plant ... Efficiency Energy Access Rural Electrification Clean Transport Alternative Fuels and Vehicles Ethanol Natural ... Gas Fuel Efficiency Advanced Vehicles Fuel Economy Energy Efficiency Appliances & Equipment ...

    United States Center for Clean Air Policy

    December 2007

  5. Vietnam Country Report, From Ideas to Action: Clean Energy Solutions for Asia

    This report assesses Vietnam's clean energy challenges, the clean energy regulatory framework ... (for energy efficiency, renewable energy, and clean transport), the institutional environment, and the ... status and potential for clean energy and presents recommendations for a clean energy strategy. Vietnam ...

    United States Agency for International Development

    June 2007

  6. Energy, Climate Change and Environment 2016 Insights

    the transition to a low-carbon energy system. It addresses the following questions: (1) What are the ... are the opportunities for expanding renewables and energy efficiency, and what policies and regulatory ... frameworks are needed to boost these low-carbon energy sources? (4) How can state-owned companies, which ...

    November 2016

  7. Cost and Benefit Effects of Renewable Energy Expansion in the German Power and Heat Market

    This report explores the cost and benefit effects of renewable energy (RE) expansion in the German ... economically sound analysis of the costs and benefits of renewable energy sources, among other things by ... renewable sources. Cost and Benefit Effects of Renewable Energy Expansion in the German Power and Heat ...

    German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety

    June 2010

  8. Asia Pacific Partnership on Clean Development and Climate (Website)

    current and past APP clean energy projects in different countries around the world. The APP has promoted ... partner countries in all of their clean energy projects. Topics covered in the APP projects include ... aluminium, buildings and appliances, cement, cleaner fossil energy, coal mining, power generation and ...

    Asia Pacific Partnership on Clean Development and Climate

  9. Building Energy Software Tools Directory

    This directory provides information on hundreds of building software tools for evaluating energy ... efficiency, renewable energy and sustainability in buildings. The energy tools listed in the directory include ... databases, spreadsheets, component and systems analyses and whole-building energy performance simulation ...

    United States Department of Energy

  10. Understanding the Energy-Water Nexus

    This report describes the ways in which energy, water and food are closely related as natural ... designing and implementing combined strategies for energy and water systems. Understanding the Energy ... -Water Nexus ECN Policy Studies Matthew Halstead Tom Kober Bob van der Zwaan Netherlands Clean Fossil Energy ...

    September 2014