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  1. Global Solar Atlas

    Energy Electricity Solar Power Heating & Cooling Solar Thermal Commercial Community Industrial ... Renewable Energy Heating and Cooling Solar Thermal Solar Power ...

    January 2017

  2. Climate Initiatives Platform

    Renewable Energy Commercial Community Industrial Infrastructure Non-profit/Government Residential Small ... implementation international development Renewable Energy ...

    January 2016

  3. Narrowing the Emissions Gap: Contributions from Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Activities

    This report UNEP), describes how renewable energy and energy efficiency programs in developing ... overall renewable energy and energy efficiency initiatives, as well as specific projects and case studies ... that detail their countries’ implementation of renewable energy and energy efficiency programs. ...

    January 2015

  4. United Nations Economic Commission for Europe Renewable Energy Status Report

    Europe have different energy situations and vary in their potential for and progress in renewable energy ... and energy efficiency. It presents 17 UNECE countries with the aim of establishing a data baseline and ... providing a general overview of their renewable energy situations. The report represents a comprehensive ...

    January 2015

  5. Technology Roadmap: Carbon Capture and Storage in Industrial Applications

    International Energy Agency United Nations Industrial Development Organization France Clean Fossil Energy Carbon ...

    International Energy Agency

    September 2011

  6. Sustainable Energy Regulation Network (SERN) Policy and Regulatory Review 2010

    This review provides information on policy and energy regulation in energy markets throughout the ... information on each country's main energy sources, reliance on imported energy, the extent of the ... electric grid, capacity concerns, renewable energy potential, energy efficiency potential, ownership and ...

    Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership

    January 2010

  7. Model for Energy Supply System Alternatives and their General Environmental Impacts

    MESSAGE combines technologies and fuels to construct so-called "energy chains", making ... it possible to map energy flows from supply to demand. The model can help design long term strategies ... by analyzing cost optimal energy mixes, investment needs and other costs for new infrastructure, ...

    International Atomic Energy Agency

    December 2007

  8. Surface Meteorology and Solar Energy

    The Surface Meteorology and Solar Energy website, sponsored by NASA, displays the solar radiation, ... based on a latitude and longitude. Surface Meteorology and Solar Energy National Aeronautics and Space ... Administration Paul W. Stackhouse Charles H. Whitlock Renewable Energy Electricity Solar Power Deployment Data ...

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration

    March 2006

  9. Regionalized Coupled Energy-Economy-Climate Model

    a detailed representation of the energy sector. It solves for an inter-temporal Pareto optimum in economic ... and energy investments in the 11 model regions, fully accounting for interregional trade in goods, ... energy carriers and emissions allowances. ReMIND allows for the analysis of technology options and policy ...

    Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research

  10. Clean Energy Initiatives (Website)

    This Clean Energy Canada website provides users with a list of public and private initiatives in ... place to support clean energy technologies. Initiatives highlighted offer financial and related ... Energy Initiatives (Website) Government of Canada Canada Clean Fossil Energy Energy Access Clean ...

    Government of Canada