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  1. Climatescope 2018: Policies

    This website contains information on more than 800 clean energy policies around the world. It is ... Retrofits Ride Share, Bike Share, etc. Rural Energy — Near Urban Rural Energy — Remote Technical Assistance ... Emissions Standards Enabling Laws and Rules Energy Standards Feebates Feed-in Tariffs Fuel Efficiency ...

    January 2018

  2. Climate Investment Opportunities in Emerging Markets

    Alternative Fuels and Vehicles Renewable Energy Electricity Energy Efficiency Industry Energy Access Clean ... Enabling Laws and Rules Energy Standards Mandates/Targets Net Metering and Interconnection Tax Incentives ... Keywords by: climate change emissions global climate Energy Access Clean Cookstoves Rural Electrification ...

    November 2016

  3. Transitions Pathways and Risk Analysis for Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies (TRANSrisk)

    explore the energy system as a starting point and include other socioeconomic sectors and resources to ... explicitly identify interactions that would not be typically explored when studying the energy innovation ... Energy Electricity Geothermal Power Energy Efficiency Buildings Grid Integration Energy Storage ...

    November 2016

  4. Potential for Advanced Biofuel Production from Palm Residues in Indonesia

    Communities Renewable Energy Biomass Power Heating & Cooling Clean Transport Crosscutting Electricity ... Requirements Energy Standards Upgrade Requirements 9 June 2016 Keywords by: biofuel productions biofuels Clean ... Transport Alternative Fuels and Vehicles Emerging/Other Fuels Renewable Energy Biomass Power Heating and ...

    June 2016

  5. Emissions Inventory for Agricultural Tractors and Construction Equipment in India

    Emerging/Other Fuels Vehicle Distance Traveled Reduction Low Carbon Communities Renewable Energy Crosscutting ... Fuels Vehicle Distance Traveled Reduction Fuel Efficiency Fuel Economy Renewable Energy Energy Access ...

    May 2016

  6. Rethinking Power Markets: Capacity Mechanisms and Decarbonisation

    Institute Laurie van der Burg Shelagh Whitley United Kingdom Clean Fossil Energy Power Plant Efficiency ... Electricity Low Carbon Communities Energy Efficiency Renewable Energy Wind Power Solar Power Alternative Fuels ... Publication Energy Standards Utility/Electricity Service Costs Levelized Electricity Pricing Pricing Schemes ...

    May 2016

  7. Re-Transition: Transitioning to Policy Frameworks for Cost-Competitive Renewables

    of renewable energy policy. The authors attempt to outline potential pathways to adapt to the rise of ... rapidly scalable and increasingly cost-competitive renewable energy technologies like solar photovoltaics ... continued scale-up of renewable energy projects: projects will need to remain bankable; the power system as ...

    March 2016

  8. Achieving Universal Electricity Access in Indonesia

    coordination are discussed in the context of Indonesia’s energy sector. The report gives recommendations for ... Electricity Access in Indonesia Asian Development Bank Philippines Electricity Microgrids Energy Efficiency ... Industry Utilities Lighting Grid Investment & Finance System Operation Power Renewable Energy ...

    March 2016

  9. Next Generation Wind and Solar Power: From Cost to Value

    the International Energy Agency (IEA) as part of its Grid Integration of Variable Renewables (GIVAR) ... Clean Energy Ministerial. It focuses on the contribution that next-generation wind and solar power ... to the power and wider energy system—in contrast to minimizing the generation cost of wind and solar ...

    January 2016

  10. Technology Collaboration Programmes: Highlights and Outcomes

    energy-related topics in the areas of energy efficiency, renewable energy, fossil fuels, fusion power and ... crosscutting issues. Technology Collaboration Programmes: Highlights and Outcomes International Energy Agency: ... Energy Technology Network France Clean Transport Alternative Fuels and Vehicles Crosscutting Energy ...

    January 2016