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  1. Alternatives to Bank Finance: Role of Carbon Tax and Hometown Investment Trust Funds in Developing Green Energy Projects in Asia

    Carbon Tax and Hometown Investment Trust Funds in Developing Green Energy Projects in Asia Asian ... Energy Biofuels Geothermal Power Hydropower Solar Power Wind Power ...

    July 2017

  2. The Empirics of Enabling Investment and Innovation in Renewable Energy

    Investment and Innovation in Renewable Energy OECD Publishing Geraldine Ang Dirk Rottgers Pralhad Burli ... innovation investment flows Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development renewable energies Finance ... Barrier Investment Renewable Energy Biomass Power Geothermal Power Hydropower Solar Power Wind Power ...

    May 2017

  3. Global Solar Atlas

    Energy Electricity Solar Power Heating & Cooling Solar Thermal Commercial Community Industrial ... Renewable Energy Heating and Cooling Solar Thermal Solar Power ...

    January 2017

  4. Innovation Outlook: Offshore Wind

    offshore wind energy technology. It aims to inform policymakers and other stakeholders about anticipated ... energy innovation. Sections of the report are titled, Global Offshore Wind History and Current Status, ... Innovation Outlook: Offshore Wind International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) United Arab Emirates ...

    November 2016

  5. An Ambitious Energy Agenda for the G20

    This policy brief presents three key recommendations for supporting a global energy transition in ... sustainable energy a G20 focus and ending investment in fossil fuel infrastructure. An Ambitious Energy Agenda ... Renewable Energy Electricity Biofuels Heating & Cooling Commercial Industrial Infrastructure ...

    November 2016

  6. Innovation Outlook: Renewable Mini-grids

    This report informs policymakers and other stakeholders in the energy sector about the technology ... intended to help countries support their national objectives by expanding their renewable energy options. ... a transition towards a sustainable energy regime. Main sections of the report are titled, Types of ...

    October 2016

  7. Non-individual Transport: Paving the Way for Renewable Power-to-Gas (RE-P2G)

    Renewable Power-to-Gas (RE-P2G) IEA Renwable Energy Technology Deployment Jacques de Bucy Netherlands Carbon ... Vehicles Natural Gas Methanol Hydrogen Ethanol Electricity Emerging/Other Fuels Renewable Energy Clean ... Fossil Energy Fuel Efficiency Commercial Industrial Infrastructure Non-profit/Government Residential ...

    July 2016

  8. The Road Toward Smart Cities: Migrating from Traditional City Management to the Smart City

    United States Low Carbon Communities Energy Access Industry Renewable Energy Crosscutting Energy ... Resource Planning Public Investment & Financing 1 July 2016 Keywords by: cities roads energy efficiency ... incentives Energy Access Low Carbon Communities Energy Efficiency Industry Renewable Energy Finance ...

    July 2016

  9. Building Governance and Climate Change: Roles for Regulation and Related Policies

    Edwin Chan United Kingdom Low Carbon Communities Buildings Renewable Energy Crosscutting Energy ... change climate governance climate relevant regulations global climate rules and regulations Energy ... Efficiency Buildings Renewable Energy Energy Access Low Carbon Communities ...

    May 2016

  10. Indonesia's Gas Challenge: Can the Former LNG Champion Regain Its Leadership?

    As part of a series of briefs published within a special series for the 2016 Pacific Energy ...

    May 2016