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  1. An Overview of Behind-The Meter Solar-Plus-Storage Regulatory Design: Approaches and Case Studies to Inform International Applications

    examples of how novel regulatory issues related to behind-the-meter energy storage systems paired with DPV ... International Applications National Renewable Energy Laboratory Owen Zinaman Thomas Bowen Alexandra Aznar United ... States Publication 1 March 2020 Grid Integration Energy Storage Renewable Energy Solar Power ...

    March 2020

  2. Renewable Energy Costs in the Pacific

    acknowledged. Renewable Energy Costs in the Pacific Pacific Region Infrastructure Facility Publication 1 March ... 2019 Keywords by: economic capital economic cost infrastructure local level capacities renewable energy ... Finance System Operation Renewable Energy Hydropower Solar Power Wind Power ...

    March 2019

  3. Developing a Roadmap to a Flexible, Low-carbon Indian Electricity System: Interim Findings

    of dispatchable fleet and energy storage technologies. They find that India can integrate 390 ... renewable energy trajectory, at a cost that is lower than that of the current trajectory. Developing ... Keywords by: adaptations electricity electricity generation energy storage integrated approach renewable ...

    February 2019

  4. Off-grid Renewable Energy Solutions: Global and Regional Status and Trends

    Off-grid renewable energy solutions have emerged as a mainstream solution to expand access to ... modern energy services in a timely and environmentally sustainable manner. Fostering private investment ... deployment. Off-grid Renewable Energy Solutions: Global and Regional Status and Trends International Renewable ...

    July 2018

  5. Plug & Play 2: Enabling Distributed Generation Through Effective Grid Connection Standards

    Equipment Standards, Required Labeling Enabling Laws and Rules 1 May 2018 Keywords by: decentralized energy ...

    May 2018

  6. Levers of Change: How Global Trends Impact Gender Equality and Social Inclusion in Access to Sustainable Energy

    declining decentralized renewable energy technology costs—and the extent to which women can leverage these ... trends so they can gain access to electricity, clean cooking and other sustainable energy solutions. ... Energy Sustainable Energy for All Rebecca Pearl-Martinez Austria Non-profit/Government Publication ...

    May 2018

  7. Southeast Asia Case Studies

    environment through environmentally-friendly endeavors, including water treatment, energy provision and ... advanced cooking technologies. Southeast Asia Case Studies International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) ... International Renewable Energy Agency Energy-Water-Food Nexus Integrated Approaches Technologies Energy and Food ...

    January 2018

  8. Moving to Better Rate Design: Recommendations for Improved Rate Design in Ohio's PowerForward Inquiry

    Publication 1 January 2018 Keywords by: electricity electricity generation energy utilities Grid Integration ... Grid Investment and Finance Renewable Energy Solar Power ...

    January 2018

  9. Climatescope 2018: Policies

    This website contains information on more than 800 clean energy policies around the world. It is ... Retrofits Ride Share, Bike Share, etc. Rural Energy — Near Urban Rural Energy — Remote Technical Assistance ... Emissions Standards Enabling Laws and Rules Energy Standards Feebates Feed-in Tariffs Fuel Efficiency ...

    January 2018

  10. Improving the Financing Environment for Renewable Energy Projects through Local Administrative Capacity Building

    A workshop titled, “Improving the Financing Environment for Renewable Energy Projects through ... the complex energy sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and to discuss key areas on the education of ... the Financing Environment for Renewable Energy Projects through Local Administrative Capacity Building ...

    December 2017