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  1. Universal Access to Electricity in Burkina Faso: Scaling-up Renewable Energy Technologies

    systems to increase access to electricity on an accelerated timeline. The paper details the methodology ... power sector in Burkina Faso—and its limitations—and it develops a new methodology that through spatial ... and findings of a geographic information systems (GIS) tool, the aim which is to provide support to ...

    November 2015

  2. Tracking Clean Energy Progress 2015

    energy system. Divided into 19 technology or sector sections and using graphical overviews to summarise ... the data behind they key findings, the report focuses on whether the actions needed to decarbonise the ... energy sector over the ten years to 2025 are progressing. Tracking Clean Energy Progress 2015 ...

    May 2015

  3. Bringing Variable Renewable Energy (VRE) Up To Scale: Options for Grid Integration Using Natural Gas and Energy Storage

    associated with integrating variable renewable energy technologies into a power system. It highlights the ... importance of increased flexibility when integrating high levels of variable renewable energy. It focuses on ... Energy Storage World Bank Energy Sector Management Assistance Program (ESMAP) Silvia Martinez Romero ...

    February 2015

  4. Building Energy Access Markets

    comprehensively analyze and assess decentralized energy service markets, focusing on market sectors such as ... electricity micro-grids, solar photovoltaic (PV) lanterns, solar PV home systems, biomass cook stoves and ...

    December 2014