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This report provides a meta-analysis of numerous existing studies, reports, and analyses to support an objective assessment of the efficacy of time-based rates and demand charge rates for mass-market customers.

Source: Rocky Mountain Institute
Date: May 2016

Variability of solar and wind energy—two key sources for renewable power generation—present new challenges.

Source: International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)

Off-grid renewable energy solutions have emerged as a mainstream solution to expand access to modern energy services in a timely and environmentally sustainable manner.

Source: International Renewable Energy Agency
Date: July 2018

Renewable energy has become the least-expensive energy choice in many parts of the world, leading to a powerful feedback cycle and growth. This report explores enabling policy environments, market factors, regulatory factors, and contractual factors.

Source: Agora Energiewende

This article reviews city case studies to inform a framework for developing urban infrastructure design standards and policy instruments that together aim to pursue energy efficiency and greenhouse gas mitigation through city carbon budgets and water use efficiency and climate risk adaptation th

Source: Environmental Progress and Sustainable Energy (AlChE)
Date: November 2017

Based on a detailed review of policy announcements and plans, this report reflects the way that governments, individually or collectively, see their energy sectors developing over the coming decades in regards to the water-energy nexus.

Source: International Engery Agency
Date: March 2018

The primary purpose of the evaluation described in this report is to enhance the contribution that the Water, Land and Ecosystems (WLE) program is likely to make toward CGIAR goals relating to the productivity and sustainability of water and land resources in agroecosystems, as well as the livel

Source: CGIAR, Independent Evaluation Arrangement (IEA) of CGIAR
Date: March 2018

To investigate and quantify PV generation potential, without significantly harming agriculture output, the authors of this study explore the viability of “agrivoltaic” farms deployment on existing grape farms in India.

Source: Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments
Date: October 2017

This educational video gives an overview of energy-water-food nexus research being done at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Carnegie Mellon University, and Columbia University.

Source: National Science Foundation, NBC Learn
Date: February 2017

This research explores which counties in Colorado may be best suited to reusing produced water for agriculture based on a combined index of need, quality of produced water and quantity of produced water.

Source: Science of the Total Environment
Date: November 2018