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This report provides policymakers with a detailed summary of the main legal issues surrounding carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) debate. It includes up-to-date background information, case studies, and conclusions on the best legal and regulatory approaches to advance CCS technology.

Source: International Energy Agency, Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development
Date: January 2007

This evaluation compares integrated communication packages supporting the implementation of energy efficiency measures. The report presents the main measures and their impacts in ten different countries.

Source: World Energy Council, French Environment and Energy Management Agency, Motiva Services Oy
Date: August 2010

This handbook is designed to be a user-friendly guide rather than a technical compendium or comprehensive collection of relevant legislation. The focus is on national legislation, but the report encompasses national constitutional provisions, regulations and state and local laws.

Source: United Nations
Date: January 2007

In this report, data shows that in certain circumstances, micro hydro power can be more appropriate and profitable than other energy supply options.

Source: United Kingdom Department for International Development, The World Bank
Date: March 2000

The premise of this report is that, while most finance for low carbon solutions will likely come from the private sector, public funding can play a key role in mobilizing and leveraging private capital.

Source: United Nations
Date: January 2008

This review provides information on policy and energy regulation in energy markets throughout the world, including: Africa; the Baltic States, Central, and Eastern Europe; Latin America and the Caribbean; the Middle East; Russia; South Asia; South East Asia; and the Pacific Region.

Source: Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership
Date: January 2010

This report provides an overview of emerging practices in develping wind power projects for the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). The report includes a general discussion of the CDM, an introduction to various wind energy projects for the CDM, and a financial evaluation of the projects.

Source: Riso National Laboratory
Date: June 2005

This article discusses the risk some countries face of being excluded from the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), and thus carbon capture and storage (CCS) carbon market projects.

Source: Carbon Capture Journal
Date: December 2011

This case study (1) describes the development of wind generation to date in Egypt within the context of the development of the energy and electricity sectors; (2) analyzes the factors supporting and constraining investment—what these have been to date and how they might develop in the future; an

Source: International Institute for Sustainable Development
Date: October 2009

This report delivers a comprehensive look at major issues in biofuels and their feedstocks.

Source: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
Date: January 2013