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This “outcome report” is from the 2016 Kassel International Dialogue (KID), which offered the opportunity for peer-to-peer knowledge exchange and a dialogue between local, regional, and national government representatives and legislators.

Source: German Federal Environment Agency
Date: November 2015

By collaborating with local stakeholders, the Worldwatch Institute has produced sustainable energy roadmaps for several countries and world regions.

Source: Worldwatch Institute, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)
Date: July 2015

This resource—which is one of many instrument summaries offered by the Clean Energy Finance Solutions Center—provides in-depth information about tax measures, including best practices, case studies, design and implementation information, experts and training opportunities.

Source: Clean Energy Finance Solutions Center

This publication examines the sectors, technologies and policy measures that will be central in the transition to a low-carbon energy system.

Source: International Energy Agency
Date: November 2016

This publication analyses the energy policy challenges facing Italy and recommends policy improvements.

Source: International Energy Agency

This report starts with an overview of the latest insights from IRENA, with a focus on the role of renewable energy and energy efficiency in the decarbonization of the global energy system by 2050.

Source: International Renewable Energy Agency
Date: August 2017

This report uses statistical methods to better quantify the connection between a broad array of energy efficiency and renewable energy (collectively known as clean energy) policy and actual reductions in energy use and increases in renewable resource development.

Source: United States National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Date: January 2011

This document, published by the International Energy Agency Solar Heating and Cooling Executive Committee, begins with an overview of national activities and key trends. The next section includes the individual reports from each of the Member countries.

Source: International Energy Agency
Date: October 2006

This paper synthesizes findings from technology mapping studies of the renewable energy supply, residential and commercial buildings and transport sectors. The objective of the mapping studies was to identify key climate-mitigation technologies and associated goods.

Source: International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development, University of Warwick
Date: May 2010

This website provides information to Indian citizens on energy efficiency schemes currently in place in India. These schemes include efforts to increase energy efficiency in buildings, industry, appliances, and agricultural settings.

Source: Indian Bureau of Energy Efficiency