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  1. A New Scheme for the Promotion of Renewable Energies in Developing Countries: The Renewable Energy Regulated Purchase Tariff

    investment cost associated with renewable energy technology. A New Scheme for the Promotion of Renewable ... Tax Incentives and Credits Keywords by: renewable energy promotions energy microgrids solar ...

    European Commission

  2. Promoting Small and Medium Enterprises for Sustainable Development

    between SMEs and large corporations. Promoting Small and Medium Enterprises for Sustainable Development ...

    World Business Council for Sustainable Development

    July 2007

  3. Energy and Small and Medium Enterprise

    particular, energy services contribute to increasing productivity, improving food preservation, promoting ...

    United States Agency for International Development

    November 2011

  4. United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and Renewable Energy: Greening the Industrial Agenda

    strategy—and activities—to promote renewable energy and energy efficiency in developing countries. The strategy ...

    United Nations

    January 2009

  5. Mexico: Renewable Energy for Agriculture

    This case study highlights Mexico's project to identify and promote cost-effective ...

  6. Nicaragua: Off-grid Rural Electrification Project (PERZA)

    goal included strengthening the regulatory and financial framework, promoting public-private ...

    The World Bank

  7. Renewable Energy Progress and Biofuels Sustainability

    assesses Member States' progress in the promotion and use of renewable energy along the trajectory ... progress reports promotions renewable energy targets targets energy policies Energy Access Clean Transport ...

    European Commission

    March 2013

  8. United Nations Environment Programme Division of Technology, Industry, and Economics: Mobilizing Finance Activities (Website)

    Technology, Industry, and Economics in promoting public and private sector finance of clean energy. Model ...

    United Nations

  9. Ashden Award for Sustainable Energy (Website)

    Ashden champions and promotes practical, local energy solutions that cut carbon, protect the ...


  10. Technology and Innovation Report 2011: Powering Development with Renewable Energy Technologies

    renewable energy technologies to promote sustainable development and poverty reduction. Technology and ...

    United Nations

    January 2011