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  1. Grid-Connected Renewable Energy: Wind Power Technologies (Presentation)

    costs, policies promoting wind development, project development issues, benefits, challenges to ...

    United States Agency for International Development

  2. Eco-efficiency Indicators: Measuring Resource-use Efficiency and the Impact of Economic Activities on the Environment

    The forward-thinking policymaker is tasked to promote development based on eco-efficient economic ...

    United Nations

    December 2012

  3. Communication on Energy Efficiency: Delivering the 20% Target

    products and buildings, as well as promoting co-generation in power plants. Communication on Energy ...

    European Commission

    November 2008

  4. "Tablero de Comando” Para la Promoción de los Biocombustibles en Ecuador

    Ecuador. It explores the possibilities of public-private partnerships, the benefits of promoting biofuels, ...

    United Nations

    May 2008

  5. Two Paths to Transforming Markets Through Public Sector Energy Efficiency: Top Down Versus Bottom Up

    Promoting an Energy-Efficient Public Sector Laura Van Wie McGrory Philip Coleman David Fridley Jeffrey ...

    Promoting an Energy -Efficient Public Sector

  6. Designing the Right Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS): A Guide to Selecting Goals and Program Options for an RPS

    can help to promote the development of renewable energy sources. This report looks at issues of RPS ...

    Clean Energy States Alliance

    March 2012

  7. The Egyptian Brick Factory Fuel-Switch Project

    technology upgrade, the project can help promote local environment and health improvements, enhance ...

    Landfill Gas Canada Limited

    March 2010

  8. Enhancing Information for Renewable Energy Technology Deployment in Brazil, China and South Africa

    promote the use of those resources. It also reviews the framework from which financiers develop projects ...

    United Nations Environment Programme

    May 2013

  9. The Grid4EU Project

    webinar emphasized fostering complementarity among these projects and promoting transversal research and ...

    Clean Energy Solutions Center

    January 2014

  10. Industrial Energy Efficiency: Designing Effective State Programs for the Industrial Sector

    programs that might benefit from additional research and cross-discussion to promote adoption. Industrial ...

    State and Local Energy Efficiency Action Network

    March 2014