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  1. Final Report on Design and Implementation of New Financing Mechanisms and Instruments for Promotion of Solar Water Heating Systems in India

    This report supports the use of financial assistance to promote the solar water heater sector in ... countries, the financing needs and to design the new financing scheme and instruments for promoting India’s ... Instruments for Promotion of Solar Water Heating Systems in India India Ministry of New and Renewable Energy ...

    India Ministry of New and Renewable Energy

    March 2010

  2. Promotion of Wind Energy: Lessons Learned from International Experience and United Nations Development Programme Global Environment Facility (UNDP-GEF) Projects

    wind resources and sufficient renewable energy policy. Promotion of Wind Energy: Lessons Learned from ... promotions wind energy implementation projects climate relevant communication subsidies climate friendly ...

    United Nations

    May 2008

  3. Case Study: Photovoltaic Market Transformation Initiative

    The Photovoltaic Market Transformation Initiative (PVMTI) of The World Bank promotes ... Kenya, and Morocco are presented. Models include promotion of retail sales networks, promotion of ... consumer credit and capital finance, and promotion of fee-for-service models. Case Study: Photovoltaic ...

    The World Bank

    April 2012

  4. Efficient Electrical End Use Equipment (Website)

    promote harmonization of standards and high efficiency electrical end-use equipment through a ‘4E’ ...

    International Energy Agency

  5. The Lessons of Practice: Domestic Policy Reform as a Way to Address Climate Change

    countries, including analyzing price reform and promotion of energy efficiency through public policy. The ... climate climate change paper production energy policies promotions auditing mandatory energy managers ...

    International Institute for Sustainable Development

    November 2009

  6. Energy Efficiency in Transport: Successes and Failures

    (such as minimum energy performance standards, labels and promotion of modal shifts) within the European ... standards promotions Clean Transport Alternative Fuels and Vehicles Fuel Efficiency Advanced Vehicles Fuel ...

    April 2015

  7. An Analytical Compendium of Institutional Frameworks for Energy Efficiency Implementation

    This report analyses institutional models and practices that have proved effective in promoting ...

    World Bank

    October 2008

  8. Enhancing Information for Renewable Energy Technology Deployment in Brazil, China and South Africa

    promote the use of those resources. It also reviews the framework from which financiers develop projects ...

    United Nations Environment Programme

    May 2013

  9. Local Governments for Sustainability Highlights Report: Africa

    the launch of the "Promoting Urban Low Emission Development Strategies in Emerging Economy ...

    February 2013

  10. Global Fuel Economy Initiative Auto Fuel Efficiency Tool Set

    overviews of policy tools and approaches to improving fleet-wide automobile fuel efficiency, and promote ...

    FIA Foundation