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  1. Global Fuel Economy Initiative Auto Fuel Efficiency ToolSet

    overviews of policy tools and approaches to improving fleet-wide automobile fuel efficiency and promote ...

    FIA Foundation

  2. Renewable Energy Technologies for Rural Development

    deployment challenges; 3) investigates, using a number of case studies, how RET have been used to promote ...

    United Nations

    August 2011

  3. Decoupling Policies: Options to Encourage Energy Efficiency Policies for Utilities

    check—and it removes the disincentive for utilities to promote energy efficiency programs. Decoupling ...

    United States National Renewable Energy Laboratory

    July 2009

  4. Compendium of Energy Efficiency Policies of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Economies

    is a publication intended to promote information sharing in the field of energy efficiency and energy ...

    Asia Pacific Energy Research Centre

    March 2010

  5. Implementation Options and Recommendations for Net Metering and Feed-In Tariffs for Distributed Generation and Renewable Energy Sources within the European Union

    This report reviews energy policies promoting distributed generation (DG), renewable energy ...

    European Commission

    May 2007

  6. Renewable Energy White Paper

    promoting and implementing renewable energy in South Africa. This paper also informs the public and the ...

    South African Department of Minerals & Energy

    November 2003

  7. Fuel Switching: Institutional Factors of Influence

    to promote fuel switching if it is to reduce countrywide emissions. Fuel Switching: Institutional ...


    February 2000

  8. ENERGY STAR Program (Website)

    of Energy that promotes energy efficient products and practices. Household products, homes, and ...

    United States Department of Energy

  9. Asia Pacific Partnership on Clean Development and Climate (Website)

    current and past APP clean energy projects in different countries around the world. The APP has promoted ...

    Asia Pacific Partnership on Clean Development and Climate

  10. The Alliance to Save Energy (Website)

    organization that promotes energy efficiency worldwide through research, education, and advocacy. It encourages ...

    The Alliance to Save Energy