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  1. Electricity, Renewables, and Climate Change: Searching for a Cost-Effective Policy

    This report compares the cost effectiveness of energy policies to promote use of renewable energy ...

    Resources for the Future

    May 2004

  2. Asia Pacific Partnership on Clean Development and Climate (Website)

    current and past APP clean energy projects in different countries around the world. The APP has promoted ...

    Asia Pacific Partnership on Clean Development and Climate

  3. Ridesharing Institute (Website)

    best possible cost; promoting ridesharing as an important mode for transportation policy purposes; and ...

    Ridesharing Institute

    February 2012

  4. Urdu Bazaar: A Study on the Acceptability of Alternative Energy Sources for a Book Market in Karachi

    promote solar energy solutions elsewhere in Pakistan. Urdu Bazaar: A Study on the Acceptability of ...

    International Institute for Environment and Development

    May 2013

  5. Asia Energy Efficiency and Conservation Collaboration Center (website)

    the Energy Conservation Center, Japan (ECCJ) in April 2007. It aims to promote energy efficiency and ...

    The Energy Conservation Center, Japan

    August 2013

  6. A Review and Comparative Analysis of Fiscal Policies Associated with New Passenger Vehicle Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Emissions

    such as engine size or vehicle weight; 3) those designed to promote alternative fuels or vehicles. ...

    International Council on Clean Transportation

    February 2011

  7. Renewable Energy Auctions: Analysing 2016

    to a specific context and objectives. Chapter 5 analyses the use of auctions to promote less mature ...

  8. Clean Coal Technology Development in China

    oxide removal. In addition, the article suggests how to better promote clean coal technologies in China. ...

    Energy Policy

    June 2009

  9. Advancing Carbon Capture and Sequestration in China: A Global Learning Laboratory

    its costs and promote its commercialization globally. Advancing Carbon Capture and Sequestration in ...

    Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars

    January 2011

  10. Carbon Sequestration Leadership Forum (CSLF) Incentives Registry

    commercial, fiscal, and market-making incentives used to promote the deployment of carbon capture and storage ...

    Carbon Sequestration Leadership Forum

    January 2011