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  1. Deciding on "Smart" Meters: The Technology Implications of Section 1252 of the Energy Policy Act of 2005

    Technology Implications of Section 1252 of the Energy Policy Act of 2005 Edison Electric Institute United ...

    Edison Electric Institute

    September 2006

  2. Preliminary Evaluation of the Impact of Section 1603 Treasury Grant Program on Renewable Energy Deployment in 2009

    This report evaluates the effectiveness of section 1603 of the Recovery Act, which enables ... and 3,860 gross long-term FTE jobs during operation. Preliminary Evaluation of the Impact of Section ...

    United States Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

    April 2010

  3. A Cross-Sectional Review: Impacts and Sustainability of Small-Scale Renewable Energy Projects In Developing Countries

    By applying an standardized evaluation design to a cross-sectional sample in terms of renewable ... A Cross-Sectional Review: Impacts and Sustainability of Small-Scale Renewable Energy Projects In Developing ...

    July 2014

  4. Zambia: Renewables Readiness Assessment 2013

    Section 1 of this report provides background on Zambia country and the renewables readiness ... assessment (RRA) methodology and process, and the RRA process in Zambia. Section 2 presents both the energy ... facing the energy sector and an overview of renewable energy potential and use. This section also ...

    December 2013

  5. 2010 Vehicle Technologies Market Report

    including sector-wide energy consumption trends. The second section includes a discussion on light-duty ... vehicles, and the third section discusses heavy-duty vehicles. The fourth section discusses the policies ... that shape the transportation sector, and the fifth section makes projections about what will happen in ...

    United States Department of Energy

    February 2011

  6. Developing an Online Database of National and Sub-national Clean Energy Policies

    technical components that teams developing such databases can consider. Section 2 provides an overview of ... initial research and maintaining the database. Section 3 provides guidance and best practices on the ... technical needs for similar policy databases. Section 4 highlights some of the factors that affect budget ...

    Clean Energy Solutions Center

    June 2014

  7. A Sustainable Future for Transport: Towards an Integrated, Technology-Led and User Friendly System

    outstanding issues. In Section 3, it looks at the future, identifying trends in transport drivers and the ... likely challenges they could pose to society. In Section 4, it proposes some intermediate policy ... objectives, which could be pursued to address the emerging challenges in the transport sector. In Section 5, ...

    European Commission

    September 2009

  8. Renewables Readiness Assessment: The Gambia

    substantive sections. Section 1 presents the introduction covering country background, RRA methodology and the ... RRA process in The Gambia. Section 2 presents the renewable and general energy context in the region. ... Section 3 explores The Gambia’s energy institutions and the policy and regulatory framework as well as the ...

    December 2013

  9. Renewables Readiness Assessment: Niger

    with solar photovoltaic installations. The RRA report is structured in five substantive sections ... . Section 1 presents the country background and a brief on the RRA process in Niger. Section 2 presents the ... discussion of the electricity sector. Section 3 explores Niger’s energy institutions and the policy and ...

    December 2013

  10. Road Transport Sector Modelling

    findings of the modelling for the reference and sensitivity scenarios. Section two provides an overview of ... the modelling framework used in the scenario analysis. Section three defines the scenario and ... sensitivity case assumptions preceding the discussion of scenario results in Section four. Section five ...

    Australia Department of the Treasury

    July 2011