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This article in the ICER Chronicle highlights results for EPRI’s Smart Grid Demonstration Initiative, which is a seven-year collaborative research effort to design, deploy and evaluate how to integrate distributed energy resources into utility grid and market operations.

Source: International Confederation of Energy Regulators
Date: December 2013

This study provides recommended actions for government and policymakers, fueling stations, gas producers, vehicle manufacturers and dealers and research institutions to develop a harmonized approach to expand market development and fully realize the benefits of natural gas and biomethane in the

Source: German Energy Agency
Date: June 2010

This roadmap establishes a “big picture” vision for the plug-in vehicle industry; sets approximate, feasible goals and milestones; and identifies the steps to achieve them. The roadmap also outlines action items for different stakeholders.

Source: International Energy Agency
Date: January 2009

This report recommends actions for achieving deep energy savings from the residential building sector and generating a range of economic, environmental and social opportunities.

Source: Global Buildings Performance Network

This recorded webinar examines the SmartSacramento smart grid project. A U.S. Department of Energy grant awarded to California’s Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) in 2009 has helped fund more than 40 SmartSacramento smart grid initiatives and R&D projects.

Source: International Smart Grid Action Network (ISGAN), Clean Energy Solutions Center

This study explains the nature of investor demand for clean energy bond finance in the United States. It examines what institutional investors need—their demand characteristics—to purchase these new financial instruments and make them part of a sound investment portfolio.

Source: Clean Energy Group, Croatan Institute
Date: December 2014

This report summarizes key forces driving transformation in the power sector around the world, presents a framework for evaluating decisions regarding extent and pace of change, and defines pathways for transformation.

Source: 21st Century Power Partnership (21CPP), National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)
Date: February 2015

This report places the smart grids concept in the context of Sub-Saharan African, shifting the focus towards the facilitation of just access.

Source: United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)
Date: February 2015

This article details the case of Italy, which in the course of 10 years outfitted more than 85% of homes with smart meters--the highest percentage in the world. The article focuses on the technology partners, utility leadership, and policies that supported this transformation.

Source: Bloomberg BusinessWeek
Date: November 2009

The authors of this paper argue that the breakdown in conventional policy labels represents an important shift in renewable electricity policy, one that policymakers, analysts, government officials and investors around the world need to better understand.

Source: National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)
Date: February 2015