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  1. Innovative Financing Approaches

    livelihoods approaches performance contracting Energy Efficiency Industry ... ordered online. Innovative Financing Approaches Natural Resources Canada Canada Energy Efficiency Industry ... energy specific financing mechanisms energy efficiency projects innovative funding streams sustainable ...

    Natural Resources Canada

  2. Modeling New Approaches for Electric Energy Efficiency

    Utility/Electricity Service Costs 1 March 2008 Keywords by: energy efficiency sustainable livelihoods approaches ... Approaches for Electric Energy Efficiency (Subscription Required) The Electricity Journal Diane Munns Energy ...

    The Electricity Journal

    March 2008

  3. Toward Climate-resilient Development in Nigeria

    achieving the growth, livelihood and environmental objectives of Vision 20: 2020, and because these sectors ... livestock risks water management water resources Energy-Water-Food Nexus Integrated Approaches Policies and ... Plans Resiliency Planning Sustainability Planning National Finance Investment Renewable Energy Biomass ...

    June 2013

  4. Environmental Impact Assessment of Offshore Wind Farms: A Simulation-Based Approach

    assessments sustainable livelihoods approaches paper production wind farms leakage species Renewable Energy ... Assessment of Offshore Wind Farms: A Simulation-Based Approach Journal of Applied Ecology Blanca Lapena ...

    Journal of Applied Ecology

    August 2010

  5. Regulating Geologic Sequestration in the United States: Early Rules Take Divergent Approaches

    Deployment Data Publication Mandates/Targets 1 March 2009 Keywords by: sustainable livelihoods approaches ... This journal article evaluates approaches taken by several U.S. states—in coordination with the ... authors present rules that take widely varying approaches to regulating GS, and point out that the new ...

    Carnegie Mellon University

    March 2009

  6. Innovative Approaches to Financing Energy Efficiency in Asia

    specific financing mechanisms waste sustainable livelihoods approaches revolving funds projects waste heat ... how an innovative approach was used to bring together financiers, technology providers, and project ... available finance and greater adoption of technologies and best practices. Innovative Approaches to ...

    United States Agency for International Development

    August 2009

  7. Challenges and Opportunities for an Environmentally Sustainable Road Freight Sector in Asia

    of deforestation health sector human health sustainable livelihoods approaches Clean Transport Fuel ... the region. The main sustainability issues and challenges facing the sector are: fuel consumption, ... emissions, truck driver health and road accidents. An integrated approach employing "avoid, shift and ...

    United Nations

    August 2010

  8. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Support Package for Decision Making for Sustainable Bioenergy: Making Bioenergy Work for Climate, Energy, and Food Security

    sustainable livelihoods approaches international development sustainability roadmaps Renewable Energy Biofuels ... approach to analyzing the sustainability of bioenergy in terms of climate, energy, and food security ... impacts. Components include: a decision support tool that provides a roadmap for sustainable bioenergy ...

    Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

  9. National Framework for Energy Efficiency (NFEE) in Australia

    Education Keywords by: energy energy efficiency sustainable livelihoods approaches Energy Efficiency ... in Australia coordinate national action on energy efficiency. Through this collaborative approach ...

    Australian Department of Energy, Resources and Tourism

  10. Developing an Effective State Clean Energy Grant Program: Competitive Grants

    livelihoods approaches Energy Efficiency Renewable Energy Finance Incentive/Instrument Capital Subsidies, ... This briefing paper summarizes innovative grant making approaches and practices that have worked ... Capital Subsidies, Grants and Rebates 1 March 2009 Keywords by: energy grants paper production sustainable ...

    Clean Energy States Alliance

    March 2009