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  1. Taking Complexity in Food Systems Seriously: An Interdisciplinary Analysis

    international development sustainable livelihoods sustainable livelihoods approaches Energy-Water-Food Nexus ... and macro-economic development strategies impact on livelihoods, availability, and access. ... insecurity problems, and context-specific interventions and innovations. Informed use of divergent approaches ...

    September 2014

  2. Pathways to Improved Water Security- Reflections

    Reflections Aquatic Procedia Peter Bakker Publication Keywords by: water resources sustainable livelihoods ... The author's approach in this publication is through a high-level reflection that explores ... challenges. It also discusses the importance of multi-stakeholder collaboration and calls for a new approach ...

  3. Water-Energy-Food Security: What are the Potential Contributions of the Mining Industry?

    industry sustainable livelihoods approaches monitoring water-energy-food nexus mining ... This brochure provides an overview of the International Institute for Sustainable ... Development's approach for developing analytical systems to monitor issues surrounding the water-energy-food ...

    January 2015

  4. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Support Package for Decision Making for Sustainable Bioenergy: Making Bioenergy Work for Climate, Energy, and Food Security

    sustainable livelihoods approaches international development sustainability roadmaps Renewable Energy Biofuels ... approach to analyzing the sustainability of bioenergy in terms of climate, energy, and food security ... impacts. Components include: a decision support tool that provides a roadmap for sustainable bioenergy ...

    Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

  5. Environmental Impacts of Food Consumption in Europe

    impacts sustainable livelihoods approaches Energy-Water-Food Nexus Food Sector Food Production Industry ... (LCA)-based approach has been applied to a basket of products, selected as being representative of EU ... Impacts Water Use Integrated Approaches Models and Tools ...

    January 2017

  6. Installation, Operation and Maintenance of Solar PV Microgrid Systems

    by: microgrids solar solar photovoltaic sustainable livelihoods approaches trainers ... This handbook provides the objective, approach and methods to deliver effective skill training to ... Operation and Maintenance of Solar PV Microgrid Systems Clean Energy Access Network GSES India Sustainable ...

    April 2016

  7. Powering Tourism: Electrification and Efficiency Options for Rural Tourism Facilities

    2009 Keywords by: energy efficiency energy sustainable livelihoods approaches tourism Energy Access ... options for meeting off-grid energy needs of rural tourism facilities. A seven-step approach is presented ... for assessing, planning, and implementing electrification projects to enable sustainable rural ...

    United States Agency for International Development

    January 2009

  8. Water and Energy Footprint of Irrigated Agriculture in the Mediterranean Region

    environmental sustainability sustainability sustainable livelihoods water resources water scarcity ... and provides a major source of income and employment for rural livelihoods. However, increasing ... droughts and water scarcity have highlighted concerns regarding the environmental sustainability of ...

    December 2014

  9. Water, Food and Energy Nexus Iin Asia and the Pacific

    sustainable livelihoods approaches water resources water-energy-food nexus Energy-Water-Food Nexus Integrated ... capacity in both industrialized and developing countries. For the nexus approach to achieve the twin goals ... of human well-being and green growth, sustainability must move center-stage, with attention given to ...

  10. Investing in a Sustainable Future: Multilateral Development Banks' Investment in Energy Policy

    stakeholders carbon poverty alleviation assessments sustainable livelihoods approaches Energy Access Rural ... sector that will direct both public and private investment towards sustainable energy options. It ... technologies or approaches that should be emphasized in any country or region, as every country is endowed with ...

    International Institute for Sustainable Development

    November 2009