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  1. Green Banks: A Complete Clean Energy Finance Guide

    a self-sustaining business model. Green banks are often intended to support technologies or products for which ...

    Clean Energy Finance Solutions Center

  2. Greening China's Financial System

    commercial banks. Greening China's Financial System International Institute for Sustainable Development ...

    September 2015

  3. U.S. Laws and Regulations for Renewable Energy Grid Interconnections

    environmental and climate change impacts of fossil fuels, and sustained investment in renewable energy projects ...

    September 2016

  4. Financing Renewable Energy in Developing Countries: Drivers and Barriers for Private Finance in Sub-Saharan Africa

    sustainable and renewable solutions. To meet the region's energy demands and support economic growth, ...

    UNEP Finance Initiative

    February 2012

  5. Quadrennial Technology Review: An Assessment of Energy Technologies and Research Opportunities

    budget constraints, to develop more secure, affordable and sustainable energy services. Quadrennial ...

    September 2015

  6. Financing Public Infrastructure in Sub-Saharan Africa: Patterns and Emerging Issues

    sustaining investments in electrification and regional power generation projects. Closing the huge financing ... gap will require improving the creditworthiness of utilities and sustaining the recent upswing in ...

    January 2009

  7. Procurement, Innovation and Green Growth: The Story Continues

    The Story Continues International Institute for Sustainable Development Afghanistan African Nations ...

    October 2012